WP WOO SMS Plugin is a multi functional fully integrated word-press plug-in specifically designed for woo commerce customers to enhance your business and sales through marketing. Our plug-in has advance features like Mass WOO SMS Sending, campaign management and scheduling, Automatic-responder, Advance Woo Commerce statistics and much more. For those who are looking for a best marketing plugin for an online shopping store, Restaurant or a small business shop then this is a must buy plugin for everyone.
Through this advance WP Woo SMS plugin you can edit, create promotional messages / unlimited campaigns and can send to any cell phone in the world with no limit. You can easily deliver your clients with computerized information, special deals, invoices, discount coupons in bulk and deliver all of your promotional updates in just a matter of time.

Information Relating Product

WP WOO SMS Uses Twilio Platform and in order to operate through this plugin you must have a Twilio Account
Latest WP Woo SMS Features

Woo Commerce Status Updation Enabled

  • With this powerful and most advanced plug-in feature you don’t have to update every campaign and user details (manually).
  • In this Woo Commerce status updating feature whenever campaigns status is updated. All users will have a quick notification at their mobile phones.
  • Woo Commerce Scheduled Bulk SMS Sending Feature

  • Many other plug-ins have bulk SMS sending features but in our most advanced WP-WOO SMS plugin you can send up-to many messages at any mobile phone network any time and can actually schedule specific date from WP-WOO SMS Admin Panel.
  • You can send custom messages relating orders and campaigns to all Woo-Commerce users between any-date. (For-Example a user is subscribed in marketing campaign and he converted into a precious customer, later on your company revised marketing packages, meantime with this advance Woo-Commerce scheduled bulk SMS Sending feature you can send him text on his cell phone that our marketing packages are revised, subscribe at promotions and get 20% discount.
  • You can create custom campaign message and can easily send to many customers you’d like to in specific or designated dates (which can be set from WP-WOO SMS settings)
  • How does our advance management system works ?

    Order Status Mobile Notification Feature

  • In this advance feature all you have to do is place that %code % and send it to that designated phone number. He/she will get complete details about his / her order. Either it is: – Pending – In Progress – Completed
  • Premier Messaging – Just Type and Text

  • Same like sending SMS/ MMS from your mobile phone. Now with WP Woo SMS Advance features you can send text to any local or international number
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    WP-WOO SMS Super charged plugin always keep your customers happy Sends each SMS update to your customers whenever they shop online and purchase a new product. They’ll receive complete order details.
    Order Status (Pending, Under Review, Shipped) WP WOO SMS Posses Advance Features

  • Easy To Customize Order Status Message
  • Feasibility of adding coupon codes
  • Most convenient thing about WP WOO SMS is that it’s for sale for just as low as $19 with complete money back guarantee.
  • Why You Have To Send Order Status Updates One of the most convenient and affordable ways to give customers information about their orders.

  • Research shows that 90% of customers prefer to buy online via promotional messages
  • 100% customer always intrude into sale offers.
  • Our WP WOO SMS plugin is far much better than other E-Commerce plugins and derives best possible results from any campaign within the least possible time
  • 24/7 Customers Support Change Log

    Version 1.1 Released on (03-March-2016) 


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