WP – Lightweight Dust Particle

WP – Lightweight Dust Particle

The Lightweight Dust Particle allows you to set a particle background per page (or post) as well as set up a default background for all other pages/posts.
Also, you can set particle background to Visual Composer Row & Column elements
Requires: HTML5 canvas.
Features list:

  • Set a default Lightweight Dust Particle Background for all pages/posts.
  • Active and use Shortcode to set Particle Background per page (or post).
  • You can active Lightweight Dust Particle for per page (or post) via metabox settings.
  • Custom Particle via Settings page.
  • Powerful Inline Preview: you will see preview immediately each when edit options.
  • Visual Composer addon: WYSIWYG with VC Frontend editor.
  • Unlimited Color
  • Very easy to use and configure.
  • Support The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Customize options:

  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Unlimited Color
  • Opacity
  • Interaction Effect
  • Size
  • More options: please check screenshot images

Don’t forget to check Video Preview
Awesome Testimonials
Real sites

  • Checked WordPress 4.5.3 & VC 4.12 – 25.06.2016
  • Checked VC 4.11.2 – 17.04.2016
  • Checked VC 4.11.1 – 20.03.2016
  • Checked VC 4.7+
  • WordPress 3.5+

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  • Base on particles.js by Vincent Garreau

Change Log
Version 1.3 – 23.01.2016

+ Support Metabox settings.
* Fixed wrong show with stretched rows.

Version 1.2 – 01.01.2016

+ Supported VC Column background.

Version 1.1 – 24.11.2015

+ Supported WYSIWYG with VC Frontend editor
+ Support The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Version 1.0 – 04.11.2015

- First release version.

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