Make an Offer for WooCommerce

Make an Offer for WooCommerce

Start making your website leads a real deals!
Make an Offer for WooCommerce provides your customers the ability to send their offers online. As when customers can manage their expenses by entering a price offer, they are more willing to buy a product or a service.
You can implement a “pay what you want”, “offer your own price” pricing system. Customers can buy products you offer at the listed price or make a counter offer.
With “Make an Offer” plugin you stay in control of the financing terms and pricing at all times.

  • Customer can submit a custom offer to seller
  • Customer can accept or reject the seller offer
  • Customer can add comments on offers
  • Accepted offer can be purchased
  • Seller can implement a “pay what you want” pricing system
  • Seller can check the customer offer status
  • Seller can approve / Re-offer / Reject customer offer
  • Seller can add comments on offers
  • Email notifications for new offers, accepted offers, and when the order is received
  • Support
    Dear Customers, if you have some issues – please email to our great and quickly support. Dont give a low rate without trying to resolve it with support. We are happy to help you – just ask us via profile page

1.0 (April 11 2016)
* Release 

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