WooCommerce Video Links – Product Embedded Videos

WooCommerce Video Links – Product Embedded Videos

Like VideoLinks but want to take it to the next level with a Product Image Slider + Zoom + Video ?
Then try the NEW Woocommerce X Gallery. The same great features as VideoLinks but with much more!
Now you dont have to lose that Magnifier or slider feature, you get them all with X Gallery!
VideoLinks Description
Using the Flatsome theme and need videos inside the image slider – I got you covered – http://www.nuvuthemes.com/product/flatsome-product-videos/
Using the Avada theme and need videos inside the image slider – I got you covered – http://www.nuvuthemes.com/product/avada-product-videos/
If you have a theme with a product slider and the VideoLinks plugin is not compatible please email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and I can write you a custom plugin to work with your theme.
Many themes change the default structure of the Woocommerce product page. Please send me a message prior to purchase so I can verify your theme will be compatible with the plugin.

This is the embed only version if you wish to purchase the premium self hosted video version you can do so here

Self Hosted Videos Version
If you have already purchased the embed only version and wish to upgrade please send me an email at nuvuscripts@gmail.com
Only the premium self hosted video version has the built-in magnifier feature seen on the demo page.
WooCommerce Video Links – Video Previews In WooCommerce


  • Insert inline video embeds into your product gallery.
  • Youtube, Vimeo and now Wistia support.
  • Video Previews In WooCommerce – Loads as inline embedded videos or in a lightbox(requires minor code edit to apply the lightbox method).
  • Link and Load Embedded Product Video/Images using the added “Video Links” field in the product gallery media tool.
  • Load video from major video sites such as Youtube, ScreenR, Vimeo, Wistia.
  • Works with SoundCloud Music embeds too!
  • Load external Images as well.
  • Replaces the Featured Product Image on the product page with the selected embedded video.

Note: This plugin requires you to overwrite 2 Woocommerce template files with ones provided to add the video link functionality in the product gallery media tool. These files might need to be updated when a future Woocommerce update is applied.
The plugin uses customized default woocommerce product image templates so if your theme has custom features such as slider/magnifier you will lose these functionalities. Check out the Pro version for a zoom feature.
When using variations the existing first gallery image will change if you have set images to correlate with the variation but the first gallery image link if set will not. So whatever image you had in the first spot if linked to a video when changing the variation that link will remain even as the image changes when selecting a different variation.
Limit free setup support for one theme.
Plugin will not be compatible with 3rd party themes that change the default wooccomerce product image gallery structure. 3rd Party Themes Known to NOT be compatible with this plugin are:

NEWS: Recent browser updates are bringing issues with embedded fullscreen capabilities and certain browsers do not allow the fullscreen option to fire correctly. Example: Chrome gives a “requestFullscreen() is deprecated on insecure origins, and support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See https://goo.gl/rStTGz for more details.” alert if not using https. As of now there is nothing that can be done about these problems and we are at the mercy of the browsers on whether or not embedded fullscreen will work.
If you have a theme and need to know if the plugin will be compatible please email the theme name and link to nuvuscripts@gmail.com and I will check the product page structure for compatibility.
If you need a custom solution for any theme not compatible with the plugin please email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and we can discuss it.

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