Woocommerce Tools Band

Woocommerce Tools Band

Using latest knowledges in UI/UX design and after analyzing many of WooCommerce plugins we created really new product that will satisfy needs of most customers. Our plugin is the unique set of tools that mostly used in WooCommerce installations.
New features allow you to interact with your customers easier and more efficient. This is a way to increase your sales. Your customers will search needed goods faster and easier and get useful information at right moment.
To save your personal time, we have designed for you a simple and intuitive Drag&Drop interface that allow you to easily manage a WTB settings. Before every new release we make a capability testing with most popular templates and other plugins. With Woocommerce Tools Band we help you to reach your business purposes.

Woocommerce Tools Band list of main features:
Products filter

  • Uses native Woocommerce api only
  • Different groups of filters for different categories
  • Pre-search result
  • Simple widget
  • Simple and clear options
  • Different skins for checkboxes

Product badges

  • Customizable colors
  • Different size for product view and category view
  • Delayed showing with animation
  • 1 of 8 predefined positions
  • Assigning categories with ability to exclude products
  • Defining time interval when badge is shown
  • Customizable brief and full description with WYSIWYG

Attributes tab
Full control on characteristics tab at product page. Easy creation groups of attributes. You may override titles and icons displayed in tab.
Attributes description.
Ability to describe your attributes. Once created attribute description you can use in other parts of Woocommerce Tools Band.Create nice texts with “What You See Is What You Get” editor. Choose one of almost thousand icons.
Change log

2016-06-27 v1.14 [new] Ability to show badges on sale products [new] Showing badges on featured products [new] Showing badges on new products [new] Defining an age while the product is new [upd] Badges admin page optimized [upd] confirmation before deleting the badge [fix] Action after deleting the badge 2016-06-21 v1.13 [new] masterslider support (automatically, no settings needed) [new] ability to start draw badge from a new line [new] duplicating badges [upd] optimize html structure of badge content in description tab [upd] WPML compatible translations [fix] prevent appearing badge content in account page [fix] styles 2016-06-16 v1.12 [new] Product filter: ability to show products count near attribute value [new] Badges: periodical animation [new] Badges: filter badges in admin settings [new] Badges: where to show checkboxes (category view and/or product view) [new] Badges: margin settings [new] Badges: animation preview on admin page [new] Badges: new position - center [upd] Badges: redesign of admin page [upd] Badges: some settings splitted for category view and product view [upd] Badges: new badge position selector [fix] Products filter: error on reset filter [fix] Badges: stop print empty header in description tab of product page 2016-06-14 v1.11 [upd] Approved badges positioning [upd] translations and language template [fix] Initial values for color picker and text editors in badges tool admin page [new] Scaling badge image [new] Ability to hide not used attributes values in product filter tool [new] Product filter tool: number of products attribute assigned to 2016-06-10 v1.1 [fix] Calculation of right side badges positions [fix] Error in attributes tab settings when attribute not selected [fix] Badge description hide from cart and checkout pages [fix] Hidden excluded products in badge settings [new] Ability to use image in badges 2016-06-06 v1.0 Initial release

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Woocommerce Tools Band