WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow

WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow

What is WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow
There are some cases where you want your WooCommerce® product page widely propagated through search engines, but sometimes you simply don’t want anyone to know about it. Because it’s not available, not for sale, or you want it simply gone from search engines and other tracking websites. This is where this plugin comes in.

  • Hide products from search engines
  • Hide categories from search engines that have no products
  • Hide product by product or an entire category
  • Create exceptions throughout your entire product collection
  • Ideial for sellers who use WooCommerce® as a supplier platform
  • Overrides any other SEO plugins
  • Simple and uncomplicated product hiding tool

If you use WooCommerce® not only as a frontend on-line store, but also for creating orders on the backoffice for products that aren’t supposed to be indexed in search engines, this plugin is for you.
How to use
Inside each product, in the Advanced tab, there is an extra option named Hide from search engines, the same applies to categories (please check the screenshots).

-- Version 1.3
Empty product category with be optionally hidden from search engines
-- Version 1.2
Bug fixes
-- Version 1.1
Added category support
-- Version 1.0
Initial release

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