Woocommerce Product Catalog With PDF Export

Woocommerce Product Catalog With PDF Export

The plugin comes with a great feature where you can allow store owners to convert their online WooCommerce store into an online catalog. Store owners can also remove all the shopping features from their WooCommerce stores.
You can also allow your customers to ask questions for particular products. The extension adds an “Enquire By Email” button on the product details pages from which customers can ask questions related to products.
With this plugin you can also generate Online Catalog PDF for various categories in your WooCommerce store.
1. Easy installation and detailed documentation
2. Allows you to change WooCommerce shop to Catalog Mode
3. Ask a Question/Inquiry by Email
4. Show/Hide Price Tag or not
5. Show/Hide Add to cart
6. Admin have Enquiry Button customization options
7. Contact form 7 support
8. Ability to generate PDF for the Catalog
9. Ability to make the catalog more based on user session
10. Fully responsive and 100% customizable
Other Important Features
1. Awesome after sales support
2. We aim to response to every query within 6 hours except weekends
3. Fully scalable and customizable

Review from Customers</

Version 1.1 – 24-05-2015
New Features

- New functionality "Ask a Question" on product added - New functionality of "Share with Friend" added - Request a quote with Contact Form 7 Feature created - Compatibility created with WordPress: 4.2 and Woocommerce version 2.3.8 


- MO and PO file updated - Path issues Resolved

Version 2.0 – 15-06-2015
New Features

- New functionality to generate PDF of the catalog added - Ability to enable based on logged in or non logged in user 


- Resolved some UI issues in admin

Version 3.0 – 27-11-2015

-> Plugin Compatibility tested with WordPress 4.3.1
-> Plugin Compatibility tested with WooCommerce 2.4.10
-> Feature are completely working with Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce
old Release: 2

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