WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode

WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode

Convert your WooCommerce Shop into a catalog!
This Plugin remove prices, removes the add to cart button or replaces it with an enquiry form. Only if you want, because there are more settings than you could expect! You have a product / category you still want to sell? Just put it inside the exclusion list!

  • enable / disable the catalog mode
  • remove the add to cart button
  • remove the price
  • hard remove for non WooCommerce compliant themes
  • redirect the cart / checkout pages
  • apply for all users / only logged in users / only NOT logged in users
  • exclude product categories
  • exclude products
  • replace the add to cart button on category / archive pages
  • own button text
  • 2 options: go to product page / go to a custom URL (with target option)
  • replace the add to cart button on single product pages
  • add an enquiry form which opens in a pop-up window
  • give your enquiry an own title
  • add any contact formular shortcode (e.g. Contact Form 7)
  • Select the size of your plugin
  • create custom CSS
  • create custom Javascript

WooCommerce 2.0+
WordPress 3.8.1+
PHP 5.2+
Theme should be WooCommerce standards compliant.
Multilingual Support Changelog

- NEW: always show the loop button (even if the product is in the exclusion list)
- NEW: always show the single product button (even if the product is in the exclusion list)
- NEW: revert product category exclusions
- NEW: revert product category exclusions
- NEW: revert product exclusions
- NEW: revert country exclusions
- FIX: add to cart / read more on product categories now appear as they should ======
- FIX: width of variations table (colspan) ======
- FIX: free price text not shown ======
- NEW: remove the "Free"-Text if there is no price and show a custom text instead ======
- NEW: you can now specify where the modal HTML should be placed (useful to debug special mail tags from CF7)
- NEW: you can now specify where the single product button should be placed ======
- NEW: exclude some countries and show users from this country the price / add to cart button ======
- fixed end of file error ======
- fixed PHP 5.2 errors
- removed unneeded admin JS and admin CSS ======
- moved modal HTML to the footer
- added variation display support
- added variation settings in admin panel
- fixed issue with The7 Theme
- moved to local bootstrap js ======
- moved JS to footer ======
- fixed an issue with the CSS namespace (backdrop & modal to show)
- added new settings page: debug
- added 3 new option to "debug"-settings:
--> hard remove prices
--> hard remove add to cart
--> disable the load of bootstrap.js
- added "button"-class to buttons
- removed data-options and added javascript to call the modal ======
- added namespace for public CSS ======
- fix for category button
add_filter('woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link', array($this,'loopProductPageButton'),10); become
add_action('woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item', array($this,'loopProductPageButton'),10);
- added hard remove setting inside options panel (can be used for non WooCommerce standard compliant themes still showing price / add to cart button)
- tested plugin with the following themes: Storefront, Bridge, Dante, Onetake, The7, Total, Twenty Sixteen, Universal ======
- Inital release ======
Future Features
- none, but YOU can suggest one!

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