WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter is a must-have plugin for your WordPress-WooCommerce shop if you are selling to people from all over the world.
This plugin allows your users to choose their preferred currency or sets it automatically using geolocation in your WooCommerce shop. They can choose from currencies made available by you in plugin settings.
Plugin offers 2 conversion methods:

  • Conversion just for user reference (payment still happening in your WooCommerce base currency)
  • Complete conversion (converts currency also for the payment)

Plugin is 100% compatible with PayPal and all payment gateways.
Currency switching with cache plugins support.
Exchange rates updated automatically every 24 hours or manually.
Automatic updates (just like for any plugin from WordPress.org)
Every currency is customizable independently from the others – each can have different format, different number of decimals etc.
Plugin uses WordPress filters and custom CSS rules to generate currency switcher, so you can tweak the currency switcher looks just with a little CSS and/or PHP knowledge.
WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter is the most feature-packed, easily customizable and reliable currency converting/switching tool on the market
Currency switcher – “Buttons” theme
Main features

  • 2 modes to choose from: convert price only for customer information or convert for the whole transaction
  • In first mode – option to display the final payment total in base currency on checkout stage before redirection to payment page
  • Compatible with cache plugins, such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache
  • 100% compatible with price ranges, variations, discounts, coupons, shipping costs etc.
  • Insert switcher with a widget, shortcode or PHP function (or all of them!)
  • 100% PayPal support (and any other payment gateway)
  • Fully customizable (through convenient CSS rules, custom JavaScript code and WordPress filters)
  • Compatible with price filter widgets
  • The most complete currency-switching solution on the market
  • Incredibly easy to use, efficient and reliable
  • Multiple free currency exchange rate APIs (including Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank and more)
  • Translation-ready – English and Polish versions supplied with the plugin, along with blank po/mo files to make your own translations

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Automatic plugin updates
Additional features

  • Automatic update system
  • Multisite support
  • Geolocation feature (set currency automatically based on customer location)
  • Compatible with Table Rate Shipping by Mangohour
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Composite Products
  • Plugin takes full advantage of WooCommerce Settings API to make your admin experience more consistent
  • Each currency can be customized separately (number of decimals, thousand separator, symbol etc.)
  • Email notification if automatic exchange rates update fails
  • Following WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards
  • Documentation available here – WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter documentation

Make sure you check out plugin Live Preview! I did my best to make the live preview as easy to use and as representative of full product as possible.
Currency Converter or Multi Currency Suite?
This plugin is one of 2 currency plugins I have written for WooCommerce – the other one is WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite. The difference between these two is that WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite is much more advanced – it not only converts prices to various currencies (like WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter does), but also allows you to set prices in alternative currencies for every product and variation, as well as discount coupons. If you do not provide custom price, it will be automatically converted based on the currency exchange rate.
If you feel you need to specify exact prices in various currencies, choose the other plugin – WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite. If you feel that automatic price conversion based on exchange rates of each currency will be enough for you, you can go with this plugin (WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter).

  • PHP: 5.4 or later
  • WordPress: 4.0 or later
  • WooCommerce: 2.4 or later

Reviews Changelog

Version 2.6.1 (6 February 2016)

  • Fixed WooCommerce Composite Products compatibility problem
  • Fixed currency conversion when placing order in reference conversion mode with cheque payment method
  • Improved restore default settings functionality
  • Couple of minor fixes

Version 2.6 (24 January 2016)

  • Full WooCommerce 2.5 compatibility
  • Added Mangohour Table Rate Shipping compatibility
  • Added option to change order currency on order edit page
  • Improved automatic exchange rates update mechanism
  • Many fixes and improvements

Version 2.5 (28 November 2015)

  • Added compatibility with page caching plugins
  • Currency switcher text (and all other strings) can now be easily translated with WPML
  • Fixed possible WP-Admin error with WooCommerce disabled
  • Fixed price calculation for grouped products
  • Fixed possible minor problems with certain payment gateways
  • Fixed plugin settings UI in Firefox
  • Fixed possible currency conflict when creating custom order in WooCommerce admin dashboard
  • Improved currency exchange rate autoupdate mechanism
  • 3 new currency exchange rates APIs (6 now in total)
  • Improved security of admin AJAX requests
  • WordPress 4.4 ready

Full changelog in plugin documentation

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WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter