WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder

WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder

Build template for Woocommerce product detail page with Visual Composer to create product detail pages of differentcurrent version 3.0.1 available for download!

If you have the problem concerning display single product of Woocommerce when use Visual Composer. you want use Visual Composer to build templates for each products when view single product.
No problem, with this plugin will help you easily do it, it help you can control or sortable all content element of Visual Composer and content element of single product: title,rate ,price, data tabs… to build single product page. Also, if missing shortcodes for Woocommerce in Visual Composer, the plugin support to add it.

If you want display product data without tabs, this plugin support display single product description, product additional information and product reviews in each section. Demos:
Simple Product: http://demo.sitesao.com/wordpress/shop/albums/woo-album-2/
Varible Product: http://demo.sitesao.com/wordpress/shop/clothing/ship-your-idea/
Extra Product Options: http://demo.sitesao.com/wordpress/shop/posters/premium-quality-2/
Default Single Product of Theme: http://demo.sitesao.com/wordpress/shop/clothing/woo-logo-2/
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Builder Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhqOQdR7K_8


  • Tested with Extra Product Options
  • Easily Installation.
  • Easily configure.
  • User-friendly.
  • Support build page apply for each product or product category.
  • Support edit default templates in plugin through overrides it in your theme
  • Support custom single product image and and product thumbnails size
  • Support use full 40+ content element of Visual Composer
  • Support Woocommerce shortcodes
  • Support display field in http://advancedcustomfields.com/
  • Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist shortcode
  • Support display product description and review separately (no tabs).
  • Work with any theme
  • and much more…

Full woocommerce shortcodes

Demo Page

Work with any theme

Reasons why people love Woo Detail Product Page Builder


v3.0.2 - Fix problem with Jupiter theme. v3.0.1
- Add support for Cornerstone plugin - Add edit Custom Template when view Product - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_custom_field' to 'dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field' - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field' to 'dhvc_woo_product_page_acf_field' - Change filter 'dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field_value' to 'dhvc_woo_product_page_acf_field' - Change filter 'dhvc_woocommerce_post_type_template' to 'dhvc_woocommerce_page_template_type' - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_breadcrumb' to 'dhvc_woo_product_page_breadcrumb' v2.0.2
- Support custom template 'single-product.php' for custom template - Fix problem with Visual Composer 4.11.2 - Add new shortcode 'Woo Breadcrumb' - Fix problem with Theme use woocommerce template.
- Fix problem for Jupiter Theme
- Small fixes and improvements v1.9.9 - Add "WC Single Product Custom Field shortcode to display Custom fields data from meta values of the product
- Fix problem when use WC Product Page shortcode to display Product with Custom template.
- Fix error when add shortcode with Visual Composer
- Fix error when Empty Custom Template. - Small fixes and improvements v1.9.4 - Add support custom template post type.
- Small fixes and improvements v1.9.3
- Fix problem with ACF pro.
- Fix problem in Woo Shortcode - Add do_shortcode in Advanced Custom Fields shortcode - Add filter for Advanced Custom Fields value : apply_filters('dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field_value', $value, $field) v1.9.0 - Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.8.x - Small fixes and improvements v1.8.14 - Small fixes and improvements v1.8.13 - Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.5.3 added v1.8.12
- fix bug can not select product in Chosen select v1.8.11 - Fix bug Chosen select in WooCommerce new version. v1.8.10 - Small fixes and improvements v1.8.9 - Add support deregister style font awesome v1.8.8 - Change Woo Single Product Images shortcode to default load "woocommerce_show_product_images" function v1.8.7 - Fix bug custom VC shortcode custom css not working v1.8.6 - Add support DHWC Product Labels plugin v1.8.5 - Add support select page Template private status v1.8.4
- Fix bug remove page template in product v1.8.3
- Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist shortcode
- Small fixes and improvements v1.8.2
- Fixed no select page template and improvements v1.8.1
- Update load visual composer css v1.8
- Update to work with any theme v1.2.6
- Support display single product description, product additional information and product reviews v1.2.4
- Update to support display field in http://advancedcustomfields.com/
- Fixbug code v1.2.2
- Add custom single product image and and product thumbnails size v1.2.0
- Update to support Woocommerce shortcodes v1.0.0
- Initial Release

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