WeatherSlider Premium WordPress Weather Widget

WeatherSlider Premium WordPress Weather Widget

Important Message:
World Weather Online, the weather data provider that we’re working with, has changed its terms of service and will suspend free API signups. As of April 5th, WWO will no longer issue free API keys, thus new customers can only use this plugin with a premium subscription. Current users with already registered API keys will not be affected, the plugin will continue to work as before. We’re currently looking into this situation and try to find a way to offer a solution without additional costs.
Thank you for your understanding.
About this plugin
WeatherSlider WP is a gorgeous weather widget that you can easily add to your WordPress site. It supports multiple units of measurement, time and date formats, geolocation and custom location search for your visitors. It’s device friendly by supporting responsive mode, touch gestures on mobile devices, and CSS3 transitions for optimal performance. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use admin interface with localization and WP Multisite support. It has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your weather widgets at the smallest detail.
WeatherSlider 2.6.0 is now available (17th July 2014)

  • Major interface revamp with several enhancements
  • Updated documentation with clearer language
  • Added new and more reliable auto-update feature
  • Added release channels for optional beta testing
  • Added WeatherSlider News section
  • Added WorldWeatherOnline premium API support
  • Added WPML support for multilingual sliders
  • Added slider slug/alias support
  • Added option to allow plugin access to non-admin users
  • Added advanced settings for potential performance and compatibility improvements
  • Improved compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress
  • Improved compatibility with most themes and plugins
  • Using WP nonces to better secure your pages
  • The weatherslider() PHP function now accepts category name filters
  • Lots of fixes and other improvements

WeatherSlider WP Features

  • 48 different weather types with a powerful weather API
  • Showing current weather and 3 day weather forecast Showing current weather and 3 day weather forecast
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations with jQuery fallback
  • Responsive size from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels (content, images and font size also auto resizing)
  • Multiple (unlimited) locations in one slider
  • Stunning admin user interface with visual editor to add locations
  • Multiple (unlimited) sliders on your site with unique settings!
  • Custom Location Search Bar (users can type their custom location)
  • Auto-Slideshow and Auto-Refresh features (optional)
  • Updated, reliable geolocation feature
  • 12 or 24 hour time format
  • Touch Control for mobile devices
  • Keyboard navigation (optional)
  • Multi-language support (works with the famous qTranslate plugin)
  • Localization ready, you can translate the entire plugin
  • Multisite ready with support for network-wide activation and handling new sites in the network
  • Supports all major browsers (but for using the WeatherSlider WP admin page we recommend Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • Very Detailed documentation
  • Layered graphic elements included in .PSD format
  • Free support and future updates

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