Visual Composer Extensions – iHover

Visual Composer Extensions – iHover

Note: you can get this extension from Visual Composer Extensions All In One. You do not have to purchase again if you purchased the All In One package before. And it’s recommended to purchase the All In One package which will contain other extension in the future update:
This add-on add 20 circle and 15 square CSS3 transitions of hover thumbnail to the Visual Composer. Most of the transitions have 4 type of directions, thumbnail support lightbox or custom link, give user a lot of flexibility to add a grid gallery.

Update log:</

Oct 14, 2014
- Compatible with upcoming Visual Composer 4.8 Aug 8, 2014
- Add a container width option in the backend, help you to align the thumbnails center in the column. Jun 9, 2014
- Make it compatible with VC which is installed with a theme. May 16, 2014
- Fix the thumbnail is blank if the original image is smaller than the size in the setting. Now it works fine with small image too. You only have to overwrite the vc-extensions-ihover.php to update.


  • CSS3 transition.
  • 20 transitions for the circle, 15 transitions for the square.
  • Both transition support left_to_right, right_to_left, top_to_bottom and bottom_to_top.
  • Thumbnail support custom link or lightbox.
  • Retina ready, you can choose to display the thumbnail in retina.
  • Extend the Visual Composer, works directly with VC plugin, and customize a little of the code to work with VC in a theme, work fine with the VC update too.
  • Compatible with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.
  • Enqueue the js and css only when needed. Keep WordPress page size smaller.
  • FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.

“The plugin we were all waiting. Great job!”

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