User Downloads

User Downloads


  • Restrict files to specific user
  • Now with expiration date!
  • List files assigned to specific user
  • All files-URL are encrypted.
  • 100% safe restricted files


  • Add counter to downloads and restriction on how many times it can be downloaded.
  • Create more settings like, what if file is expired.


  • Upload the plugin
  • Enable the plugin.
  • In the WordPress menu you now will see “User Downloads” added. If you go to “User Downloads” => “Settings” you can set your encryption keys.
  • Than you can create User Downloads wich goes as follows:
    • Create a User Download.
    • Enter a title
    • Enter some content
    • Select to wich user the to be uploaded files should be restricted
    • Upload files for this specific user
    • Publish the User Download
  • I created a function to get all files that are belongs to the logged in user. The functions is get_user_specific_downloads_as_array. With this you can do anything you want to. Let me give you an example of how to list all files of one user per User Download (per post):
  •  $files = ''; $userFiles = get_user_specific_downloads_as_array(); foreach($userFiles as $userdownload) { $files .= '<h2>'.$userdownload['title'].'</h2>'; $files .= $userdownload['content']; $files .= '<ul>'; foreach($userdownload['files'] as $file) { $files .= '<li>'; $url = explode('/',$file['user_download_file']['url']); $encryptedurl = user_specific_downloads_encrypt_decrypt('encrypt',$url[8]); $encryptedurl = rawurlencode($encryptedurl); if(strtotime($file['file_expiration_user_download_file']) < time() && strtotime($file['file_expiration_user_download_file']) != '') { $files .= '<a href="#" onClick="alert('This file as expired.'); return false;">'.$file['user_download_file']['title'].'</a><br />'; } else { $files .= '<a href="'.plugins_url().'/user-downloads/download.php?file='.$encryptedurl.'">'.$file['user_download_file']['title'].'</a><br />'; } $files .= '<em>'.$file['file']['description'].'</em>'; $files .= '</li>'; } $files .= '</ul>'; } echo $files;
  • If you have any questions (technical or not) I will be able to help you.



  • Added ability to select multiple users.


  • Fixed bug when not setting the expire date.


  • Improved encryption of files.


  • Added shortcode.


  • Added expiration date for downloads.
  • Fixed bug in settings panel.
  • Added support for subdomains.
  • Added support for Windows Servers.


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