Touchy: A WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Touchy: A WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

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Touchy: WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin
Touchy is a mobile menu plugin for WordPress. Designed with smartphones in mind, it is fast, reactive and comfortable to use. If you so wish, it can also be used on full-blown desktop sites as it’s been tested with a variety of browsers to ensure it works the same everywhere.
Featuring quickly-accessible call and e-mail buttons, as well as a back button (when not on the front page) and a multi-level drop-down menu, Touchy can serve as a complete mobile menu solution for any WordPress theme. And it works on any theme, even allowing you to hide your theme menu by class/ID when visible.
Furthermore, Touchy is extremely customizable. With just a few clicks you can change the color of any element, alter positioning options, hide buttons, override button functions, change transparencies etc., all through the real-time Live Customizer. You can also use the unstyled widget location to build a call-to-action button, embed content, insert shortcodes etc. To sum up, you can make it essentially unrecognizable from its default appearance.
Originally released over two years ago, Touchy has been receiving meaningful updates ever since. The 2.0 update, released in early summer of 2016, is a massive refresh of the plugin and sets it up for even more developments in the future. In other words, we will continue to add value to the Touchy menu plugin; of this you can be certain.
Update 2.1 – June 28, 2016

  • Added a fully featured and customizable search function
    • Like all other icons on the menubar, the default search icon can be replaced with one of 500+ icons
    • Function of the search button can be changed to a link, meaning you can link it anywhere and optionally have the link open in a new window (combined with a custom icon, this allows you to completely change the function of the search button)
    • All elements of the search button as well as the search field are fully and independently color customizable (search field background, placeholder text, search button text etc.)
    • Customize the search field’s default “Enter search term…” placeholder
    • Customize the search button’s default “Search” text
    • Optionally hide search field’s “Search” button
    • Optionally hide the search field’s clear field function
  • Added option to add default subject to email
  • Added option to hide menubar dividers for an even cleaner look
  • Added second widget location (now there’s one below as well as above the menu)
  • Drop-down menu’s tooltip color can now be specified separately from the menu background (useful for example if the top widget location is used and it has a different background color)

Update 2.0 (June 13, 2016)
Update 2.0 of Touchy is a massive re-build and modernization of the plugin, with which we are demonstrating our continued dedication to its development in a big way. With several new customization options and additional features already planned, customers will only see Touchy getting bigger and better as time passes.
Update 2.0 includes codebase changes both big and small, design updates, as well as optimizations across the board. One of the more notable changes is how customization is handled, with all customization options now residing in the WordPress Live Customizer. Because of this, if you purchased Touchy before version 2.0, please re-enter your customization settings under “Appearance > Customize > Touchy Plugin”. Thanks to being able to preview your customizations in real-time, setting up Touchy exactly as you see fit is now much faster and convenient than before.

  • Customization options are now located in the WordPress Live Customizer
  • Added custom-designed default menubar icons (still overridable by ones in the icon set as before)
  • Completely redesigned the drop-down menu
    • Drop-down menu is now multi-level
    • When there are more menu items than can fit on screen, contents of the drop-down menu can now be scrolled
    • Drop-down menu’s sub-menu arrows now animate when a sub-menu is opened/closed
    • Menu descriptions are now added to actual menu items (unlike before when descriptions were entered as menu items with a special class)
    • There is now an unstyled widget location at the end of the drop-down menu, awaiting your creativity. For example, if you have a plugin that inserts social icons, you can use it to link to your social profiles. You could embed a video or a gallery. Or, if you know simple css and html, you can use the text widget to build yourself a call-to-action graphic. The text widget also accepts shortcodes, so the use of this area is really only limited by your cleverness and the tools in your WordPress installation
  • Added option to customize overlay opacity
  • Updated the FontAwesome icon set to latest version
  • Added option to prevent the FontAwesome icon set from loading. This is useful if you only use the new default menubar icons or if your theme or another plugin already loads FontAwesome, to prevent it from being loaded twice unnecessarily.

Previous updates

UPDATE 1.8 (March 02, 2016)
- added option to open customized button links in new tab/window
UPDATE 1.7 (December 11, 2015)
- Added option to show/hide Touchy based on resolution
- Added option to hide theme menu (if user knows theme menu class/ID)
- Updated icon set to latest version
UPDATE 1.6 (October 04, 2015)
- Added option to hide menu button. Useful if you'd just like to use the call and/or email buttons (or whatever function you choose to give them).
UPDATE 1.5 (March 19, 2015)
- Call and Email buttons can now be linked anywhere, not just phone number and email addresses (combined with the customizable icons, these buttons' function can now be changed entirely)
- Updated icon set to latest version
QUICK UPDATE (no version change, February 19, 2015)
- quick absolute positioning adjustment (before this update, when both the mobile-only and absolute positioning options were enabled, part of the plugin would remain in a fixed position)
QUICK UPDATE (no version change, February 06, 2015)
- fixed styling issue that appeared under specific circumstances
UPDATE 1.4 (November 15, 2014)
- menubar can now optionally be placed at the bottom of the screen
UPDATE 1.3 (July 03, 2014)
- added option to switch between fixed and absolute positioning
- you can now add icons to the accordion menu (300+ icons available, appropriate update included in the documentation)
- menubar transparency can now be set for see-through effect
- you can now replace the default four menubar icons
- changed default email icon
- updated FontAwesome icon set to latest version And, for usability’s sake:
- moved color customization to Appearance > Customize > Touchy plugin colors
- moved options page to Settings > Touchy plugin
UPDATE 1.2 (February 28, 2014)
- Addressed a sub-menu click issue
UPDATE 1.1 (February 27, 2014)
- Settings page now includes options to:
--- show Touchy on mobile devices only
--- optionally and individually hide the Back, Call and/or Email buttons

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