StoreKit – WooCommerce for Layers

StoreKit – WooCommerce for Layers

StoreKit – WooCommerce extension for Layers

A Layers extension for WooCommerce which increases conversions with powerful widgets, page controls and display options

Boost sales with 3 new WooCommerce widgets</

StoreKit’s widgets let you showcase your products in your unique way, to simplify your store building experience and help you sell more.

  1. Product List Widget: Show products by category, determine the design and choose the information you want to display.
  2. Product Slider Widget: Increase sales with a showcase of hand-picked products in a fully responsive and animated slider.
  3. Product Categories Widget: Feature categories anywhere with your choice of images, titles, excerpts, buttons and more.


Take control of your WooCommerce pages</

Choose exactly what information and elements you want to display in your WooCommerce Shop and Product pages.

  • Menu Cart: Choose attributes for the Menu Cart including whether to display the cart icon, amount, or product count.
  • Shop List Page: Choose whether or not to show almost any element on the Shop List Page. Such as Product Order, Ratings, Price or Descriptions.
  • Product Page: Choose to display any of: Title, Excerpt, Sale Badges, Add To Cart Buttons, Prices, Ratings, Product Meta and more.

Add unique header images to category lists

Give your product category list pages a unique look and feel by adding beautiful background images to the page header area.

Toggle the elements of your header shopping cart

When you activate StoreKit a shopping cart appears in your site header and contains elements which you’re able to turn on and off depending on how much detail you’d like to display.
Choose between a Drop-Down or Slide-Out shopping cart

 For the StoreKit Changelog please re-download the extension and open
the changelog file in the StoreKit-extension folder. 

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