Uiform – WordPress Form Builder

Uiform – WordPress Form Builder

Uiform WordPress form builder is a real-time drag and drop form builder editor with live preview which makes you to build your forms on few easy steps. Also it provides an advanced grid system and skin customizer that makes you to build professional forms.


This version works with wordpress websites.
If you don’t use WordPress, you can find the standalone version of this plugin here .
Try the online demo:
Live examples: http://wordpress-form-builder.uiform.com/examples/multiple-forms-in-one-page/
Admin: http://demo-wpformbuilder.uiform.com/ username:demouser password:demouser
Examples included in live demo

Main Features

  • real-time drag and drop form builder editor
  • advanced grid system for building forms
  • advanced conditional logic feature
  • skin customizer with live preview
  • wizard forms supported. real-time wizard form editor with live preview
  • 42 form elements type included: Grid 1 Col, Grid 2 Cols, Grid 3 Cols, Grid 4 Cols, Grid 6 Cols, Textbox, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, Select, Multiple Select, File Upload, Image Upload, Custom HTML, Password, Slider, Range, Spinner, Captcha, Submit button, Hidden field, Star rating, Color Picker, Date Picker, Time Picker, Date and Time, ReCaptcha, Prepended text, Appended text, Append and prepend, Divider, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6, wizard buttons, switch, dynamic checkbox and radio Button
  • dinamic validation for your form (email, letter, numbers and so on)
  • over 650 custom fonts with live preview
  • over 769 icons to use on your form elements
  • multiple forms in one wordpress page
  • graphic chart entry report by form
  • advanced search for entries
  • Import and export your custom forms
  • option to duplicate forms
  • detailed entries report by form
  • export form entries to pdf and csv
  • form detailed entries report
  • retina activated
  • switch ajax submit to post submit
  • upload images and files via ajax
  • toured guide option
  • detailed HTML documentation
  • Multi Language support (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Cross Browser : ie8, ie9, ie10, chrome, firefox, safari, opera
  • Powerful plugin
  • Extended HTML documentation.
  • Free support and upgrades.
  • Email Notifications
  • Easily add/delete/edit/manage forms, fields, entries and tons of features
  • Language Switcher


  • WordPress v3.6 or higher versions
  • php 5.3 or higher versions up to php version 6.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Please rate if you like the script and I’ll keep rolling new updates and cool features.
Update 6 jun 2016. (v1.8)

  • [new] – option to email to customer
  • [new] – options to configure the mail notification for customers
  • [new] – dyn checkbox and radio button added to conditional logic
  • [new] – form variables in order to customize message of mail notification
  • [update] – added decimals to spinner
  • [update] – system check page
  • [new] – customize height and width of thumbnails of dynamic checkbox & Radio Button

Update 23 dec 2015. (v1.6.4)

  • [new] – added new fields : switch, dynamic radio button and checkbox
  • [fixed] – fonts was not loaded on frontend
  • [new] – deleting info only when removing plugin, not deactivating
  • [fixed] – missed id attribute on textbox, textarea and password field
  • [fixed] – hidden field was not working because of lacking name attribute

Update 24 Jul 2015. (v1.5.9)

  • [updated] – not saved preview on backend when form is large
  • [updated] – forms were not listing properly
  • [fixed] – Conflict slider with other plugins
  • [fixed] – Fixed bug related to loading form
  • [fixed] – deprecated functions on php5.5, 5.6

Update 27 Jun 2015. (v1.5.4)

  • [updated] – added new custom date to date picker field
  • [updated] – set download link to uploaded files on mail message
  • [fixed] – error in xml, pdf, and captcha
  • [fixed] – missed to highlight and validate password and color picker field
  • [fixed] – error when IP was more than 20 characters

Update 1 Jun 2015. (v1.5)

  • [New] – Changed item name: “Rocket Forms” To Uiform
  • [New] – selecting multiple fields in order to modify options globally
  • [New] – Option to duplicate field on preview section
  • [New] – backup whole uiform database in order to save data or migrate information

Warning! there’s no way to upgrade from “Rocket Forms” to Uiform. you need to make a fresh install Update 7 May 2015. (v1.3)

  • [added] – added client mail name to header mail message
  • [fixed] – email format when submitting
  • [fixed] – show slider value on frontend
  • [fixed] – scroll up to validate on frontend

In order to upgrade from previous version, just replace all files via ftp. Update 29 April 2015. (v1.2)

  • [new] – new field added. wizard forms
  • [new] – added new theme for wizard forms
  • [updated] – new structure for wizard forms. warning: wizard forms created on previous version will not work anymore.
  • [fixed] – Tooltip conflict

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