Pro Ads Buy and Sell – Woocommerce

Pro Ads Buy and Sell – Woocommerce

The “PRO Ads Buy and Sell – Woocommerce” Add-On raises the bar of the “WP PRO Ads System”.

It allows you to sell your advertisement spots on your WordPress website using WooCommerce. It has many powerful features to sell advertisements on your website, manage campaigns & banners and track clicks, impressions & CTR all in just a few seconds.

Customers can buy advertisements directly from the frontend of your website. No need to send them to the admin area!

Ready for WooCommerce 2.3!

Main Plugin


V1.0.8 - August 14 - 2015 - Added %buyandsell_page% to link banners to the order form. V1.0.7 - May 24 - 2015 - Added option to add custom banner label to replace the default „advertise here” button. - Added option to use default adzone images as the „advertise here” link. V1.0.6 - May 1 - 2015 - Updated available adzones drop down menu. - Included localization files. V1.0.5 - February 8 - 2015 - Updated code for WooCommerce 2.3 V1.0.4 - February 4 - 2015 - Small fixes. V1.0.3 - February 3 - 2015 - Fixed some undefined notices. - Added add_query_arg to create urls. - Added Multisite support. Banner orders on all sub sites can now be managed from the main site. V1.0.2 - December 21 2014 - Added option to show all available adzones for sale. You can use the shortcode [buyandsell_available_adzones] to add a drop down to your page losing all available adzones. V1.0.1 - December 18 2014 - First release 

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