Advanced Typing Effect WordPress Plugin

Advanced Typing Effect WordPress Plugin

Premium WordPress Typewriting Plugin
This plugin allows you to make the Typewriter effect very easily.
Main features

  • Any font can be used. Use your own font.
  • Publish your animation anywhere in a page, an article or a widget with a shortcode
  • Multiple animations on the same page
  • The font of an icon is supported :
  • Manage settings : typing speed, start delay, back speed, back delay, show cursor, blink cursor, loop… and customize your animation
  • Adjust the “randomize” parameter : humanize your effect with a randomize typing speed.
  • Create animations and publish them in 5 minutes.
  • Create, save and edit multiple animations
  • Compatible with any browser, including Internet Explorer
  • Compatible with any others plugins including Visual Composer and add ons

UsageCreate your animation in the WordPress admin panel. Choose font, adjust settings. Click the “Preview” button to preview rendering.
Save, copy and paste the shortcode on a page, a section or a widget :

[fanim snippet=1]

You can set an infinite number of sentences in one animation. Each sentence is written one after another. Your phrases can contain HTML tags, pauses, line breaks.
Line break
You can insert line break in your text with




HTML tag
You can insert html tag in your text: link, bold, italic, etc. Pause
You can pause in the middle of a string for a given amount of time by including an escape character and a number (in ms).

Hello, ^1000 I'm Leon

( 1000 ms = 1 s) Randomize Parameter
You can humanize the effect by increasing a random factor.
If for example you set 100 ms as the typing speed and 100 ms as random factor, typing speed will be random and between 100 ms and 200 ms.
Multiple animations together
You can create multiple animations with different styles and start at specific times, simultaneously or successively.
Here the list of all parameters :

  • Fixed first text
  • Successively typed sentence (you can add unlimited)
  • Font (you can use your own font)
  • Font size
  • Typing speed (ms)
  • Delay before start (ms)
  • Back speed (ms)
  • Back delay (ms)
  • Loop (Yes / No)
  • Loop count (false for infinite)
  • Randomize type speed (humanize parameter)
  • Show cursor (Yes / No)
  • Cursor blink (Yes / No)
  • Cursor character (choose any character)
  • Text color
  • Cursor color

Customer feedback

Version 2 - 13 June 2015 Bug fixes - Interface improvements Version 1.61 - 03 April 2015 Minor bug fixes Version 1.6 - 13 February 2015 Improve compatibility (jquery version conflict) with other plugins (visual composer) Version 1.51 – 10 January 2015 Bug fixes : line break Version 1.5 – 2 January 2015 2 options added
Blink cursor (on/off)
Randomize parameter (humanize typing with random variable) Version 1.2 – 30 December 2014 Bug fixes
Beautiful interface Version 1.00 – 28 December 2014

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