NuvuScroll For WordPress – Touch Enabled

NuvuScroll For WordPress – Touch Enabled

NuvuScroll For WordPress – Touch Enabled Scrolling Gallery


  • Add unlimited amount of images.
  • Link images to pages or file.
  • Scroll left and right through the gallery
  • MouseWheel and Arrow Key activation.
  • Custom prettyPhoto lightboxed images.
  • li> Swipe enabled – swipe left and right on touch enabled devices to move the scroll

Uses basic HTML to set up the gallery. I provide the code to copy and paste into your page and you just insert your images inside it.
See the demo page to see the code used.
It is a good idea to leave space on the left and right of the nuvuscroll container for page scrolling. You can set a width of 90% and margin-left of 5% to leave 5% space on both sides of the container if the page container takes up the entire with of the site this is a good idea to ensure the user can keep scrolling down the page. Example: <div class=”nuvuscroll lightbox” data-speed=”7” style=”width:90%; margin-left:5%;”>

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