Nude Image Blocker WordPress Plugin

Nude Image Blocker WordPress Plugin

The role of this plugin is to help wordpress administrator(s) / website owners to control and block images with explicit (nude/porn) content.
It can be described as a background running process which is activated on every image upload and/or comment posting.
The plugin is highly customizable so, its scanning behavior can be changed according to your needs.
It has 3 scanning profiles:

1. Moderate nude images
2. Watermark nude images
3. Delete nude images automatically

Main features:

  • Excluding administrator(s) from scanning
  • Scanning sensitivity adjusting
  • Email sending whenever a `nude` image is uploaded
  • Save uploader detail (such as: name, email, IP, etc.)
  • Saving a copy of uploaded image for further use ( in a separate folder )
  • Comment scanning for tags and automatic scanning
  • Image size limitations, for excluding profile pictures / thumbnails from scanning
  • Automatic update
  • Friendly and easy to use Settings Panel
  • Overall activity log to easily track your uploads
  • Batch approval / deleting
  • Very good performances
  • Automatic update system

You can try a live exemplification of the plugin here
Login details:
User: admin123
Pass: test123

For more details about this plugin and about core algorithm, check this out

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Nude Image Blocker WordPress Plugin