Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on

Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on

Note: This is an add-on that works only with Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder For WordPress.
Morphing Buttons is a premium add-on for Buttons X. Morph means to change smoothly from one image to another. The idea is to use a button, and morph it into a full screen overlay or modal window when clicked.

  1. Animations We support animations for modal window and for content in and content out.
  2. Embeds Out of the box support for embeds. All WordPress supported embeds can be included as morph content.
  3. Easy To Use It is super easy to configure. We even provide tutorials on how to create morphing buttons.
  4. Full Control We give you full control. Use percentage or pixel based values for modal window.
  5. Mobile Ready It works well on mobile devices as well.
  6. Shortcodes Use any short code as part of content.
  7. Page Builders Use any page builder like Visual Composer to format modal content.


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We manage technical queries through the item page and are proud of our One Day Turnaround!


Initial Release.

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