Listing Manager – Directory & Listings for WooCommerce

Listing Manager – Directory & Listings for WooCommerce

Listing Manager – Directory & Listings Plugin for WooCommerce


  • Fully supported WooCommerce
  • Front end submission
  • Package system
  • Claim listing
  • Custom filters
  • Inquire form
  • Login, register, change password, renew password
  • Google Maps
  • Event date start support
  • Contact information
  • Set listing GPS
  • Branding information
  • Opening hours
  • Listing price support
  • Report listing
  • Price formatting
  • Favorite listing
  • Inquire after login support
  • Social connections support
  • Locations & Amenities support
  • Listing categories and tags
  • Photo galleries
  • Pricing tables
  • Write listing reviews

v1.0.3 – 06/20/2016

* FEATURE: separate page for listings avaialable by default at "/listings/" (Customizer - Listing Manager Pages - Listings)
* FEATURE: Google Map location search in admin
* FEATURE: hide unwanted tabs (Customizer - Listing Manager Tabs)
* FEATURE: products shortcode for displaying products of certain product type ([listing_manager_product_attribute attribute="product_type" filter="listing"])
* FEATURE: template loader shortcode helper ([listing_manager_load_template path="templates/hero.php"])
* FIX: favorite button will appear only on the listing product
* FIX: WooCommerce tab icons

v1.0.2 – 06/14/2016

* FEATURE: introduce free plan (check "Customizations - Listing Manager Submission")
* FEATURE: Google reCAPTCHA for login, register, renew & change password (WordPress ReCaptcha Integration plugin is required)
* IMPROVEMENT: Google Map controls
* IMPROVEMENT: listing form CSS classes
* IMPROVEMENT: updated POT catalogue
* FIX: km and miles support

v1.0.1 – 05/30/2016

* IMPROVEMENT: list of all shortcodes added into WYSIWYG
* IMPROVEMENT: added description to customizer options
* FIX: map geolocation field names


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.


Tags: event, map, ad, advertisement, automotive, business, car, company, directory, frontend submission, listing, real estate, woocommerce

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Listing Manager - Directory & Listings for WooCommerce