Jigoshop Random Product Widget

Jigoshop Random Product Widget

  • improve sales by showing of random products
  • show products from all or one specific category
  • modify products display layout with an easy template system – no file editing!
  • hide products that are out of stock
  • show as many products as you like
  • choose one of 4 thumbnail sizes

Available product template variables

  • {name} – product name
  • {link} – URL to product page
  • {description} – product description
  • {price} – product price
  • {image} – complete <img> element
  • {stock} – number of products in stock
  • {availability} – product availability description

Product details and docs


v1.1 - June 17th 2012
* Jigoshop v1.1 and WordPress 3.4 update v1.0 - January 20th 2012
* initial release

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