JC WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Donations

JC WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Donations

The JC WooCommerce checkout and cart donations plugin adds donation forms to your checkout and cart pages, where customers can round up their orders with a suggested amount or specify their own custom amount to donate.

Plugin Features:

Checkout and cart donation forms

Enable adding a donation form to the bottom of your WooCommerce cart contents table, and above the WooCommerce checkout form.

Donation amount suggestion

Automatically suggest donation amounts based on the current cart total by rounding up to the nearest amount.

Donation form customisation

Modify all text displayed on donation forms and notifications using the built label settings page, or go one step further and disable the plugins css and copy the cart and checkout donation templates to modify them as needed.

Customer order email section

Modify the customers email by adding a section into the plain text or html email from within the plugin settings page.

Responsive Layout

With the default styling enabled the checkout and cart donation forms are fully responsive on your WooCommerce shop, some themes may require minor css tweaks if they dont follow the default WooCommerce basket and checkout templates.

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