GuessOn – All in one Viral Quiz & Polls -WordPress

GuessOn – All in one Viral Quiz & Polls -WordPress

  • Want to Rank better your WordPress site in SE’s?
  • Want to Engage your readers ?
  • Want booster Marketing tool to get email signup?

GuessOn is helping to increase rank in SE’s and quality traffic with great engagement of your audience and viral linked-juice approaches which create a better ranking for your word press site in SE’s. GuessOn will help you with awesome features to prove what we explained. Its really viral to get boosted traffic, we guaranteed massive growth for website in Google.
Why you have to believe to have quizzes on your site ?
GuessOn to get maximum signups for marketing and create high value of your website, blogs due to people spending time over site as BBC,Uber, Buzzfeed, Vogue, National Geographic Channel most of big giants using quiz as a great tool to gain maximum marketing. and SEO benefits.

Features (v1.3) :

  • 5 types of posts
  • Modern BuzzFeed Style Layout (Playbuzz Style releasing soon)
  • Categorise your quizzes
  • Custom score weight for each question.
  • 3 type questions “Video+image+text”
  • Recommending More Quiz or Contents after each quiz
  • Nice Appreciations on result screen
  • Works on every template, Yes it’s works on every wordpress site. 
  • Intuitive masonry grid with easy filter bar layout for all quiz page presentation
  •  Intuitive progress navigations (progress bar, circle progress, numbers, dots )
  • Nice and Easy UX – Responsive layouts with Ukit less conflicts issue.

GuessOn: Free #Add-on’s #Extensions

#Social #Marketing #TimeGame Options

  • Social Locker & Social sharing custom tools
  • Viral links by score sharing on social media Facebook, Twitter, Google +
  • Timer option’s for each question and whole quiz.
  • Timer countdown for Trivia & Personality.
  • Instant email for quiz result to boost your email marketing database’s
  • Multi-pages ajax based structure
  • Twitter Hash Automated #Hashtags
  • Completely customise your social needs.
  • Advertisement supported (AdSense, images ) for each quiz visible after any number of questions sequences

#Powerful administration

  • Fast Quiz creation backend interface
  • Drag & Drop order for any question
  • Add bulk images for quick question’s 
  • Quiz and Global level filters.  see how many people play your quizzes get viewership details.
  • Exciting settings controls globally & locally.
  • Multilingual Support English, French, Turkish, more to come.

What you can do with GuessOn Plugin ?

Guess on will let you create Quizzes, Polls, Rank Lists, Gallery Puzzels, and much more coming on your wordpress site or blog, because they make website interaction busy which helps SE’s crawlers active. When your followers playing quizzes, they will keep engage on your site by suggesting different more quizzes, polls and rank lists which will cause to have maximum time spending which is average 6 times more than average visitor on your site.

Knowledge-based & Videos Support Resources’

Before you you se our product just give little of precious time to do perfection to use all available functions and will answer of many questions you have by our Knowledge-base or Video Tutorials. The Support Center will do possible help by any means. Thanks for your cooperation!

Future Of GuessOn


Change Log </

V1.3 June 7, 2016 * New Feature : Marketing Tab, You can customise all email messages
* New Feature : General Tab, All general settings will be listed in this tab
* New Feature : Social Tab, All social options moved globally to effect
* New Feature : Custom Social Buttons
* New Feature : Custom Viral Sharing Buttons
* New Feature : Social Locker Custom Texts
* New Feature : Trivia Tab: All options can be control globally & locally * New Feature : Local options tab can be overwrite global settings
* New Feature : Personality Tab: All options can be control globally
* New Feature : Polls Tab: All options can be control globally
* New Feature : Email: can be enable globally or locally
* Improved: New interface for settings tabs.
* Improved: CSV Addon V1.2 interface improved.
* Fix: Visual Composer add-on have new version with bugs fixed. (V1.2) * Fix: Admin CSS issue is fixed. * Fix: Personality result was sending wrong in email. * Fix: Google font library embed on every quiz fixed * Fix: Other little bugs fixed. V1.0.2 May 30, 2016 * New Feature - Add-on: Rank Lists & Lists Available
* New Feature : You can enable or disable email form
* Improved: Images issue in moderen Buzzfeed layout.
* Fix: Font issue for all types in Mobile * Fix: Polls type was not recording in analytic table * Fix: Highest voting percentage. sharing was wrong. * Fix: CSS & PHP Cleaning issue. * Fix: Trivia Vote email was not taking CSS style. * Fix: Google Font API Https Vs Http fixed.
* Fix: Other little bugs fixed. V1.0.1 May 21, 2016 * New Feature - Add-on: Visual Composer Add-on Available
* New Feature - Add-on: CSV Quiz Questions Bulk Import Add-on Available
* Fix: CSS files cleaned as were disturbed due to local script conversion * Fix: Some CSS issues has been fixed. 

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GuessOn - All in one Viral Quiz & Polls -Wordpress GuessOn All in One Viral Quiz - Joomla