Grid FX – Responsive Grid Plugin for WordPress

Grid FX – Responsive Grid Plugin for WordPress

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Grid FX – Feature Packed WordPress Grid Plugin!

Grid FX plugin is an ultra-customizable plugin that lets you create unlimited grid and Pinterest style galleries in minutes. Grid FX can be used to present your blog posts, custom post types, custom taxonomies/categories, WooCommerce products, custom products, image galleries and attachments, videos, product features, client showcase, portfolios, team members, screenshots, etc. in a nice grid or Pinterest style that is fully responsive. Grid FX comes with full documentation, and more than 80+ custom options to fully customize the grid appearance. With the available customization options, you can use Grid FX to present anything easily and effectively.

There is so much you can do with Grid FX

You can make it look like a fixed equal grid of posts or images, a pinterest wall with loading more button or a grid with pagination support or a carousel navigation to browse images of a specific post, a wall that displays your products with custom price and buy buttons, a magazine style with custom buttons and link to original post. There are so much possibilities to do with Grid FX! You can control the number of posts, the columns, the image height, light or dark colors, overlay icons, custom buttons, custom fields display, link to original post, custom title animations and effects, fully customize lightbox appearance, display post terms and categories, pagination and navigation included, and much more!
Getting Started is as simple as 1-2-3
Grid FX works out of the box. So all you need to do is activate the plugin and use the shortcode button to insert a Grid FX wall in your post or page. That is it! The basic shortcode markup is [gridfx] If you like to customize the grid options such as post types, or categories, title/description or other options like enabling WooCommerce you can do so using the handy shortcode generator included with the plugin. there is like 80+ options that can be customized easily to give you full control of your gallery!
Popular Features

Built-in Support for Dropdown Filtering+Sorting for custom and default taxonomies, users can search through categories

WooCommerce Integration, Unlimited Theming Options, Flexible Layout

Grid FX is fully responsive, works on any theme, and can show smart-resized content

Do you have WooCommerce? Do you want to show your products using the Grid FX special WooCommerce support? You do not need to set tons of options. Just set the integration method in your plugin to WooCommerce and the plugin will do the rest! The parameter to turn WooCommece for specific wall on is explained in the documentation, it can also be done easily using the shortcode generator without writing any options. And Some More…

  • instantly display your posts beautifully in a grid or masonry style
  • Translation-Ready
  • show your custom posts (custom post types), image attachments, products, etc.
  • optional isotope filtering supports standard or custom taxonomies
  • Sort the grid by Likes / Votes
  • Set sticky posts
  • 4 skins available, and ability to create unlimited skins/colors for the plugin
  • Instant integration with WooCommerce using a simple setup using the shortcode generator or this little markup [gridfx integrate="woocommerce"]
  • you can embed the grids using PHP instead of shortcodes by doing so <?php echo do_shortcode('[gridfx]'); ?> in any PHP file
  • Instant AJAX search
  • Option to Show / Hide filters
  • display videos in your gallery easily from vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, mp4, flv, wmv video URLs
  • support media categories is built-in, categories and tags for media
  • display attachments for specific one post only as a gallery
  • display attachments from specific media category
  • display custom buttons, custom meta key values on the grid item to fully customize the plugin
  • live shortcode markup generator to help you make grids asap
  • include, exclude specific categories (parent or children categories) from any taxonomy
  • control posts per page, appearance of lightbox, grid, titles, description, and more than 80 options
  • various navigation methods included: loading more button, next and previous arrow navigation, or complete pagination
  • use a custom placeholder optionally if your post does not have an image
  • clean html templates to fully customize the look of grid template if you want to do so

The live shortcode generator will give you the markup instantly as soon as you start editing options. There are more than 80 options available which can be changed on each wall.
Grid FX lets you show many grids in one page without a problem. Each grid has its own options and content source (specific category, or post, or custom post type) which makes Grid FX fun to use and build various galleries on the fly.
Now Grid FX plugin supports video embedding on the grid gallery. You can display Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, MP4, FLV, and more video sources easily. Make your gallery stand out by combining images and videos, and regular posts using one gallery plugin.
Grid FX is very organized piece of software. HTML is seperated from the code. You will be able to edit the HTML layout easily without messing up other code. Check the /templates folder to edit the grid layout, and single item layout, etc. You can add your own stuff to the grid content and style it easily via a seperate CSS file or plugin theme file.
Even the very little details are customizable, like lightbox background, special title animations, colors, custom buttons, custom fields, and more. More than 80+ customizable parameters using the live generator/setup and described in detail one-by-one in the plugin documentation page.
In addition to the cool isotope filtering animations, you can let users navigate between items using 3 different ways; you can use the loading more button, next and previous arrows, pagination, or both. It gives you flexibility on choosing how you want users to navigate through your content, and how much content to display at a time.
This plugin has its own themes/skins. This means you can create unlimited color styles, and customize each theme as you like. You can even use a specific theme or skin for each grid or wall. The plugin comes with 2 themes by default they are light and dark with the promise of doing more themes per request. You can change your theme using the shortcode generator also per grid basis.

Version History

 Version 3.2 (09 Jun 2016)
* New Feature - Added flip effect for grids Version 3.1 (13 April 2016) * Enhancement - Added Social share button for grid. Version 3.0 (19 Jan 2016) * Enhancement - Added new template for showing filters as left side of the grid. Version 2.9 (18 Dec 2015) * Enhancement - Added widget for displaying top 5 most liked posts Version 2.8 (20 Nov 215) * Enhancement - Replaced timthumb with alternative script Version 2.7 (12 Oct 2015) *Enhancement - Added shortcode for excluding pages , use shortcode - [gridfx posttypes = 'page' exclude_pageids = 'comma seperated page ids'] version 2.6 (29 Sep 2015) *BugFix- Users filter not working with sortmenu=0 parameter. version 2.5 (14 Sep 2015) * New feature - Filtering for WooCommerce products by price. version 2.4 (31 Aug 2015) * Updated 3rd party libraries. version 2.3 (14 Aug 2015) * New Feature - Displays all images in grey scale and highlight the same on hover.
* BugFix - Default layout set to masonry version 2.2 (08 July 2015) *New Feature:Admin can enable/disable search by user filter.
*New feature - Added new layout mode for packery. Version 2.1 (27 May 2015) * New feature - Added ability to auto update plugin
* Fixed custom buttons template Version 2.0 (07 Apr 2015) * New feature - filtering for gridfx grids by users who uploaded
* Enhanced Security Version 1.9 (13 Feb 2015) * New feature - Now gridfx grids can be sorted by likes/votes, New shortcode parameters [gridfx orderby=meta_value_num meta_key=gridfx_likes] Version 1.8 (6 Feb 2015) * New feature - For Woocommerce product gallery, you can now display an "Add to Cart" button on the gallery page itself for each product Version 1.7 (14 Jan 2015) * Added functionality to show sticky post on top. Version 1.6 (02 Jan 2015) * Added functionality to prevent the same user from voting again for a particular period. Version 1.5 (04 Dec 2014) * Hover effect issue with default theme fixed Version 1.4 (21 Nov 2014) * New theme Slim added Version 1.3 (11 Sep 2014) * Removed deprecated jquery .live function * Updated Timthumb to latest version
* Compatibility for WordPress 4.0 Version 1.2.1 (24 Nov 2013) * Added option to catch the first image in post (instead of featured image if it does not exist!)
* Fixed a bug with mobile responsive menu appearing on site
* Upgraded timthumb to latest version Version 1.2.0 (30 Oct 2013) * Bugfix with global image action Version 1.1.9 (28 Oct 2013) * Critical update, php errors fixed Version 1.1.8 (10 Oct 2013) * Added SoundCloud audio support Version 1.1.7 (7 Oct 2013) * Added video support for mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv, flv URLs
* Fixed video link bug
* Fixed minor bug with "hide image in quick view" text Version 1.1.6 (5 Oct 2013) * Added an (extra) stylish overlay title skin v2
* Added an extra plugin skin: light-compact
* Added option to allow opening fancybox image directly and disable quick view
* Added option to allow going to post URL and disable quick view Version 1.1.5 (3 Oct 2013) * Added postids support to make a grid or gallery from specific posts by their IDs (supports ALL post types)
* Added Quick GridFX feature to create grids instantly from your categories and custom taxonomies
* Make a grid from any set of posts, and combine as many post types
* Added option to display content only without image in quick view Version 1.1.4 (2 Oct 2013) * Added optimization options for faster page load Version 1.1.3 (1 Oct 2013) * Added instant ajax search feature (searches title and post content) Version 1.1.2 (29 Sep 2013) * Extra skin added: Dark Extended Version 1.1.1 (29 Sep 2013) * Added Category Support to Media Library (Attachments)
* Added option to create a gallery from ANY category (or categories) in Media library
* Added support to create galleries from any custom taxonomy term or multiple categories Version 1.1.0 (28 Sep 2013) * Fixed choppy overlay title animation
* Added a nice cursor to overlay title Version 1.0.9 (27 Sep 2013) * Added Excerpt Support with custom length
* Smoother content slides and animation Version 1.0.8 (26 Sep 2013) * Added Multiple Filters Support (Taxonomies)
* Added Sort Results menu optional to front-end
* Improved Category/Taxonomy dropdown filters to handle more categories
* Added new filters dropdown on the front-end
* Improved clearing of tag/term filters Version 1.0.7 (25 Sep 2013) * Added option to enable/disable cropped images in quick/full view besides grid view
* Added option to make fullview image link to post, open fancybox gallery or do nothing
* Minor bug fixes Version 1.0.6 (24 Sep 2013) * Added option to sort posts by date, post title, slug, comment count, ID
* Added option to sort posts ascending or descending Version 1.0.5 (22 Sep 2013) * Added Video Support to Grid: Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion
* Added transparent option to make plugin background match your theme optionally
* Added option to control the top margin of your grid items container Version 1.0.4 (21 Sep 2013) * Added option to make full mode image link to post instead of fancybox
* Added support to show custom field in full/quick view
* WooCommerce price display in quick view
* Fixed theme compatibility issues
* Fixed minor bug Version 1.0.3 (20 Sep 2013) * Improved overlay content CSS and display
* Added html support to wall description Version 1.0.2 (20 Sep 2013) * Added many flexible options to link to original post / permalink from grid
* Added option to enable number/money format on numeric custom field values
* Added option to add custom CSS to the overlay title in grid
* Minor css improvements Version 1.0.1 (19 Sep 2013) * Added option to enable equal image heights optionally
* Added option to crop images, set width and height for images
* Corrected multiple isotope filtering (categories/terms)
* Corrected invalid help link in admin
* z-index bug fixes
* Minor code fixes Version 1.0.0 (18 Sep 2013) * First Release

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