Flyouts – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress

Flyouts – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress

BNE Flyouts is a WordPress plugin that adds off-canvas hidden sidebars with any custom content that will push in on every page of your site from a trigger or action. Any content you put in the Flyout will not display until the user triggers a floating button, floating image or linked from any element from your page content. You can utilize this plugin in so many ways: show visitors contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, your social feeds, offer an subscription, display banners and so much more!


  • Unlimited Number of Flyouts!
  • Each Flyout background and font color can be styled individually.
  • Add any type of content, HTML, text, images, and most shortcodes.
  • Hide Flyout trigger buttons/images based on screen size.
  • Trigger a Flyout from any page link, image, button, or menu item.
  • Default Triggers are either Buttons or Images and float on the left / right edge of the browser window.
  • Automatic Updates from the WordPress Dashboard.

Plugin Settings

  • Flyout settings are styled and configured individually.
  • Each Flyout’s width, location, background, and font colors are controlled when creating each Flyout.

Plugin Requirements

  • WordPress Version: 3.8+
  • Browser Support: IE 9+, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox.
    (Will work in IE8; however, button labels will not rotate against the edge of the browser window as it uses CSS3 Transforms.

Live websites using BNE Flyouts


You can update BNE Flyouts from the WP Dashboard.

 = 1.1.2 ( August 18, 2014 ) =
- Bug Fix: If using the slide displacement option, the utility classes: "sidr-open" and "flyout-content-id-{...}-open" were not being added to the body. = 1.1.1 ( August 7, 2014 ) =
- Removed a conflict if another plugin is also using the font family "fontello".
- Added compatibility for the BNE WordPress Theme Framework v1.0
- Moved loading ACF to be called with the "after_setup_theme" hook. This allows the plugin to be activated if a theme already has ACF internally included such as the new ACFPro (v5). = v1.1 (June 13, 2014) =
- New: Added option to have Flyouts slide over the page content or push content (default). = v1.0.1 (June 5, 2014) =
- Enhancement: Changed body position to fixed from absolute within jquery.sidr.min.js while flyout is active to prevent scrolling on the pushed body window.
- FIX: Added "width:100%" to default trigger images for IE8. = v1.0 (May 29, 2014) =
- Released on CodeCanyon

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Flyouts - Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress