ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin

ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin


ez Form Calculator is an intuitive multi-purpose form creator for WordPress. You can create simple form calculators, advanced cost estimators or extensive contact forms for both yourself and your customers. Easily add basic form elements like checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons etc. with only a few clicks. Each form element can be assigned a value which will be calculated together automatically.

Live Demo

Backend (sandbox site)
Username: demo
Password: demo
PayPal Demo
WooCommerce Demo (not up to date)


A few examples

Media agencies: customers can submit their needs (like logo creation, websites etc.) directly.
Photography studios: portraits, outdoor or indoor shooting – let your customers decide online.
Event managers: save time by adding basic form elements your customers can choose from.
Freight costs: users can determine their freight costs without searching through an endless table.
Real estate: customers can configure their future house and immediately.
Charity organizations: create a donation system within minutes!
And many more! Increase your customers satisfaction with ez Form Calculator.

Short example


“With a user friendly interface, exceptional form creation features and an affordable price that is lower than Gravity forms, in my opinion, ez Form Calculator is a great plugin to add to your development tools. The plugin has all the features found in Gravity forms (including their premiuma add-ons), for just $20.” – wpforall.com

What customers say

Official Extensions


Please make a backup of your forms / database before updating.
In case you update via WordPress, you need to check “Keep data after uninstall” in the settings page. After that, you can uninstall the old version and install the new one afterwards.
Additionally, go to the settings page and check “manual update” in order to complete the update.
See the WP update guide for further details.
v2.9.4.1: Make sure to click on “Manual update” on the forms page after the update so you can use the PDF feature.

Version – TBA
- Added: add linebreaks to HTML elements
- Added: add_to_price option for Subtotal elements (e.g. show price only but do not add calculated price to the total)
- Added: decimal point in input values will now be detected automatically (depending on the selected decimal point in the global settings)
- Added: max length for input / textarea elements
- Added: star rating element
- Changed: form option "Add linebreaks" changed from nl2br to wpautop in email texts
- Fixed: form was sometimes prevented from calculation when using multi conditionals
- Fixed: PDF files were only attached when the form option "Send PDF to admin" was enabled
- Fixed: WooCommerce didn't calculate the correct price with certain cart items Version – 26th June, 2016
- Added: invoice ID generation
- Added: max submission value
- Improved: better UI when using large data editor
- Fixed: pdf attachments weren't sent to customer when no admin email address was set
- Fixed: Set element didn't calculate properly Version – 22nd June, 2016
- Fixed: some forms cannot be loaded due to a JS error Version – 21st June, 2016
- Added: element type can be changed (e.g. radio to checkbox)
- Added: multiple conditions for one conditional action can be set to "OR" operator so the element triggers the action when at least one condition is true
- Added: new conditional operator "in" will only take action when an element's value is present in a set of predefined values
- Added: large element data editor (can be reverted to the small element data editor in the global settings)
- Changed: redirect after submission option now takes redirect timer into account
- Fixed: collapsible groups expanded option does the opposite (expanded when it should be closed)
- Fixed: empty / not empty condition weren't working properly
- Fixed: using JS in editor prevented the form to be loaded
- Fixed: subtotal showed currency even though the element wasn't set to be currency. Version – 8th June, 2016
- Added: groups can be collapsed / expanded
- Added: multiple conditions can be set for one conditional action
- Added: heading element
- Added: required text position can be changed in the global settings
- Added: placeholders can be used in mail subjects / success text (such as the total price, submission ID, name etc.)
- Fixed: elements in groups weren't shown correctly sometimes (in backend)
- Fixed: result_values didn't show the proper value when is_currency is set to 0
- Updated: font awesome 4.6.3 Version – skipped Version – 18th May, 2016
- Calculation hotfix Version – 17th May, 2016
- Fixed: PayPal payment caused an error sometimes
- Fixed: PayPal paid text wasn't displayed
- Fixed: subtotal operator didn't show the correct value in emails Version – 6th May, 2016
- Added: option to embed remote images to PDF generated files (needs to be enabled in the global settings)
- Added: placeholder "result_values_submitted" to show submitted values only without formatting
- Added: element option "show_in_email" extended with "Show if not empty and not 0" - Fixed: result_values placeholder did not show the formatted value Version – 3rd May, 2016
- Fixed: form submission caused an error on some servers
- Fixed: elements weren't shown properly in the frontend sometimes Version – 3rd May, 2016
- Added: user placeholders (see http://ez-form-calculator.ezplugins.de/email-placeholder-list/ )
- Added: read-only element option (only available for certain elements)
- Fixed: submitted values weren't shown in emails, occassionally (despite having the element option 'show_in_email' set to 'Yes')
- Fixed: preselected checkbox image weren't preselected at initialization Version – 2nd May, 2016
- Fixed: Checkbox/radio input values used raw values in submission result table where the label should be used. Version – 1st May, 2016
- Added: PDF files can be generated and attached to emails
- Added: new placeholder in emails which adds the URL of the submitted form: {{submission_url}}
- Added: math "absolute" operator
- Added: styling options (background-attachment, -repeat, -size, form height, overflow-x and -y behavior)
- Added: shortcodes can be used in HTML elements (if the element option "do_shortcode" is enabled)
- Added: custom calculation element may now contain strings as values
- Added: option to scroll to the success message after form submission ("Scroll to success message" in Layout form settings)
- Changed: the second column in result tables (result and result_simple) will always take the submitted value instead of the formatted value
- Fixed: forms using discount code extension weren't loaded properly in the backend
- Fixed: preselected options did not add the selected class to images
- Fixed: woocommerce edit product via edit link now replaces all edited values instead of adding another product
- Improved: performance when saving form options Version – 18th Apr, 2016
- Added: preview forms (added elements will be active right away, though)
- Added: configuration wizard (set up most basic settings easily)
- Added: more comfortable PayPal integration (create pages automatically via wizard)
- Added: email list confirmation (predefined element)
- Added: step indicators
- Added: improved price preview on the global settings page
- Added: option to enable/disable scrolling when changing steps
- Added: option to enable/disable tinyMCE editor for HTML elements in the form editor
- Changed: price related form options have their own section now (Price)
- Changed: content_filter is now blank by default
- Fixed: backend editor bugs (group element may contain itself; drag-n-drop element position fixed)
- Fixed: file uploads were not shown in WooCommerce checkout data (you can still view them in the submissions list)
- Fixed: number sliders in groups couldn't be used (thanks to andzs for finding out)
- Fixed: cURL compatibility for Recaptcha elements when allow_url_fopen is disabled Version – 16th Mar, 2016
- Fixed: element discounts were calculated incorrect sometimes
- Fixed: obtain value from GET parameter now allows to read from array (only 1d, though)
- Fixed: redirect URL was built incorrectly when it contained a question mark Version was skipped since this caused an error when updating through WordPress Version – 10th Mar, 2016
- Fixed: backend form looked different due to CSS error with 6-column layout Version – 9th Mar, 2016
- Fixed: WooCommerce error on checkout Version – 8th Mar, 2016
- Added: predefined elements (kind of template elements, e.g. tax or quantity discount)
- Added: choose which user role capability has access to the plugin
- Added: redirect form values via GET/POST
- Added: 12-grid column layout (default is still 6-grid)
- Added: option to disable scroll-to-element upon errors (since this may be incorrect depending on the theme)
- Added: option to disable automatically added line breaks in emails
- Fixed: datepicker element scrolls back to the top sometimes without selecting a date
- Fixed: image upload did not work properly on Firefox
- Fixed: set element did not set targets correctly when importing forms Version – 18th Jan, 2016
- Added: conditions can be checked for text now, too. This was only possible with numeral values in previous versions
- Added: the "Hidden"-element can now use the price of the current product (WooCommerce only)
- Added: forms using WooCommerce can now be edited
- Added: option to reload the current page after submission
- Changed: elements can now be duplicated on-the-fly
- Changed: revamped backend UI a little
- Fixed: columns layout
- Fixed: emails weren't sent to customers in rare occasion
- Fixed: improved performance when loading large forms
- Fixed: correct labels for options (radio-/checkbox-elements)
- Fixed: slider input value did not update the slider handle
- Fixed: when using a file-upload element conditionally, the form cannot be submitted due to an error Version – 25th Nov, 2015
- New elements: placeholder / vertical spacer
- Fixed: form options overwrite function had no effect
- Fixed: labels did not point to the appropriate element (only labels for input fields are fixed - checkboxes/radio buttons will be fixed in future updates) Version – 2nd Nov, 2015
- Added: groups (finally!)
- Added: new element options (wrapper_class, wrapper_style)
- Added: sender name for admin emails
- Added: slider pips (https://github.com/simeydotme/jQuery-ui-Slider-Pips)
- Added: WooCommerce: option to add a form to certain product categories only
- Fixed: discount code extension did not work with the latest version
- Fixed: Sender name had no effect in emails when using SMTP
- Some frontend loading performance improvements
- Updated to Font Awesome 4.4.0 Version – 20th Oct, 2015
- Added: two more placeholders {{date}} and {{time}} for submission date and time
- Fixed: placeholders in emails were not replaced when empty
- Fixed: preselected values weren't saved correctly in the latest update
- Fixed: submission dates were off by one month (submissions in Oct were shown as Nov) Version – 2015/08/10
- New element: custom JavaScript code. Modify the price with custom calculations
- Added: .csv export for submissions
- Added: colored element categories for better overview
- Added: form widget
- Added: fixed price styling
- Added: HTML elements can be displayed in emails now, too
- Added: posts can be added to forms
- Added: reset button can be added to reset the whole form
- Added: reset form after submission
- Added: submit button can be hidden/shown/activated/deactivated conditionally
- Added: summary of selected values can be shown before submitting
- Changed: form submissions can be viewed on a separate page
- Fixed: element type (checkbox, dropdown etc.) was shown when "Show element prices" is set to "Yes".
- Fixed: payment option had no effect when using PayPal
- Fixed: preview images in backend elements weren't shown properly
- Fixed: price request did not show the price when the old price equals the "new" price
- Fixed: ' were shown instead of an actual apostrophe ( ' )

Full changelog

  • Generate forms with visual drag’n’drop-editor
  • Advanced calculation: perform multiple calculations with each form element
  • 15+ different form elements like dropdown-menus, checkboxes, datepicker etc.
  • Backend verification for increased security
  • Translation ready (e.g. WPML)
  • File uploads: users can upload single/multiple files and send them as email attachment
  • Conditional logic: show, hide and set values conditionally
  • Discounts: modify price by value ranges
  • Visual email handling with the WordPress editor
  • Import / export forms for easy backups
  • WooCommerce integration: attach forms to products or simply use WooCommerce as payment gateway
  • PayPal integration

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