Disk Audio Player For WordPress

Disk Audio Player For WordPress

Disk Audio Player is a WordPress plugin to display html5 audio player in your website with unlimited color options and playlists with scrollbar.

Main Features

  • HTML5
  • Responsive
  • Retina Ready (Font Icons)
  • Work on Desktops / Tablets / Phones
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Playlist with Adjustable Scrollbar
  • Easy to Use
  • Poster Images
  • Multiple Instances
  • External Link (Buy, Download, Info)
  • Keyboard Control
  • Autoplay Option (New)
  • Duplicate Functionality (New)
  • Skins, Background Image, Opacity, Colors (New)
  • Disable Playlist (New)
  • Disable Header (New)
  • Color Scheme Import (New)
  • Added auto scroll to the playlist. Selected track in the top the list (New)
  • Free Updates and Support

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v 1.6 (25 Aug 2014) * Bug fix to android. v 1.5 (15 Aug 2014) * Renamed diverse style classes to avoid conflicts.
* Added option to disable header. v 1.4 (04 Aug 2014)
* Some bug fix in frontend; v 1.3 (17 Jul 2014)
* Added auto-scroll. Selected track to top the list;
* Changes in css to avoid conflict with other css; v 1.2 (25 Jun 2014)
* Some improvements in the code and removal of spaces to avoid errors in activation; v1.1 (9 Jun 2014)
* added duplicate functionality;
* added skins;
* added color schemes (xml files) to import. Included in the documentation;
* added opacity settings (RGBA);
* added optional background image for the player;
* added Autoplay;
* added Disable Playlist; v1.0 (28 May 2014)
* first release

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