Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce

Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce

Have you ever wants to change the “Thank You” page in WooCommerce which shown after a customer complete a purchase right after the checkout screen? Are you screaming HELP! for something that should be so easy? Wait no more!This plugin allows you to :

  1. Change the default “Thank You” page.
  2. Create a special “Thank You” page for a particular product. This page will be shown if the customer have only that item on cart.
  3. Shortcode to get the Order Summary, Order Detail and Customer Detail making it easier to build the custom page.

AWESOME! You can change the “Thank You” page to:

  1. Another WordPress page.
  2. Custom URL.

FINALLY! THIS SHOULD’VE BEEN A DEFAULT WOOCOMMERCE FEATURE!No need to change WooCommerce template from behind just to change the “Thank You” page. Create lead page! Get more subscriber! Up sell another product after purchase! The possibilities are endless .



  1. Changing the return value of the shortcode so it returns to variable instead of printing directly to screen.
  2. Changing the help documentation to better reflect the package downloaded from CC


  1. Fixing the screenshot of the shortcode on CodeCanyon and documentation. The screenshot for order_details and customer_details shortcode should be singular -> order_detail, customer_detail
  2. Fixing “jQuery not found” warning that can be seen on Firebug. This warning do nothing and the program still works though.

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Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce