Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress – Professional Edition

Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress – Professional Edition

Country and Mobile Redirect is a WordPress plugin for redirecting or blocking site visitors based on various use cases. Redirect your visitors based on any combination of location (Country, State, City), language, IP, date, browser, mobile user and more. This Plugin uses SEO standard 301, 302 redirects and enables any page to be used as the 404 page. You can now define redirects like never before with zero coding necessary! WMLP compatible, translation ready and high performance.
Define redirect with almost everything like Geolocation, IP Address, Request URL, Third-Party URL, User Role, Guest User, Date and Time, Page, Post, Category etc 33 different options with any combination. Click here to know more.
Professional Edition comes with analytics and is upgraded to be WordPress Multisite compatible.
Don’t need Multisite or analytics? Click here to download Standard Edition of this Plugin.
Redirect/Block Visitors based on:

  • Geo Location (Continent, Country, State, Region, City). Uses MaxMind database for accurate Geo location.
  • IP address
  • Language
  • Browser
  • Date Range (Time, Month, Day of Week), Used to set the expire for page or Post or any URL.
  • Pages, Posts, Categories
  • Profile (User Id, User Role, Email Id)
  • Device (Tablet, Phone)
  • Mobile/Tablet OS (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Mobile/Tablet Device (iPhone, Android Phone, Window Phone, iPad, Android Tablet, HP Touchpad, Blackberry)
  • Request URL, Request Parameters, Form Data, Response Cookies
  • Referral URL (Source of URL, Third-Party Websites)
  • Country dropdown shortcode, Using which user can be redirected to country specific website irrespective of Geo location.


  • Follows SEO standards by redirecting using 301 and 302 status codes.
  • 404 Error Handling: redirect to a custom page for 404 errors
  • “At least Once” Rule: Allows redirection to continue after rule is satisfied once
  • Auto Refresh: After updating rules, simply refresh the browser to see effects
  • Activate/Deactivate Rules
  • Analytics: Understand your site traffic and user base. No need to share your site data to third-party providers like Google Analytics. (PRO Feature). Activate or deactive Analytics feature.
  • Back from mobile site to desktop site using simple parameter (bis_nrd=1).
  • Includes reusable RulesEngine Platform plugin, using which you can add AddOns. which can save customers approx 50% of the plugin cost. Example:
    WooCommerce and WP Category Controller – AddOn
  • Plugin include sample rules to define url redirection very quickly.


  • WMLP
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress Multisite (PRO Feature)

See Plugin Demo | View Tutorials
What’s new in version v3.6
Country drop down shortcode : Using which user will be redirected to country specific website irrespective of Geo location. Shortcode generates Countries list drop down with flags and works with any theme.This shortcode also provides option to include or exclude countries from default list and has a option to provide custom css class for dropdown.
User selected country is be stored in cookie used for future redirection. Below are different ways to include “country selector” short code.
Click here to configure the country dropdown.

  • [bis_country_selector] : Default usage to generate country drop down.
  • [bis_country_selector include=”IN,US” ] : Generate country drop down with only India and US countries.
  • [bis_country_selector exclude=”IN, US”] : Generate country drop down excluding only India and US countries.
  • [bis_country_selector exclude=”IN,US” eng_label=”true” ]: Generate country drop down excluding only India and US countries and drop down with English labels. eng_label can have true, false and only option and default value is false.
  • [bis_country_selector exclude=”IN,US” class=”custom-css” ]: Generate country dropdown excluding only India and US countries with custom dropdown class.

Important Use Cases:

  • Redirect for Mobile Device: This is a very common use case where user from a mobile or tablet device should be redirected to a mobile sites, this can be achieved by defining a logical rule for Mobile and Tablet devices and use them in Redirect Rules.
  • Redirect by Geo Location: If you want to redirect all the user who are coming from a specific geographic location country or continent then define a logical rule using “Geo Location” Criteria.This is very useful when you want to redirect users to a local server.
  • Redirect by Role: You might be having a use case of redirecting specific role users to a different page, in such case define a logical rule using “User Role” criteria and use it in redirect rule.
  • Redirect by Request URL: Define a logical rule using Request URL Criteria and use this in defining Redirect Rule. Useful for static paths, like whenever user request from a we can redirect them to
  • Redirect in Site Down Time: Define a Redirect for home, which can be simply achieved by defining a logical rule on Home Page and leveraging it in Redirect rule. You can use Date, Time, Day of Week and Month sub criteria to further refine the rule.
  • SEO Redirect: SEO redirects is an important for enhancing SEO, by using 301 redirects search engine will be informed that this page is moved to another one, which prevent indexing the two pages of the same content and will mark them as a duplicate content,
  • Activate or deactivate redirect rule: Redirect can be activated or deactivated. If the rule is deactivated the action pertaining to the rule will not be performed.
  • Standard rule support:
    Standard rules are simple to create and solves most of the use cases. Below rule is used to redirect to france Amazon site If the user access the global website from france.
  • Advance rule support:
    Advance rule is one of the key features of RulesEngine Platform. RulesEngine is very flexible for defining very complex logical rules using “AND” “OR” and “Brackets” operators.
    Below advanced rule is used to redirect to “http://rulesengine” website if the users from Washington or Sidney Cities or from India and date is less than Jan 01, 2017.

Release Notes
Version 4.0 – Jun 13, 2016

 1.This release mainly concentrated on User Experience. Now customers can define a redirection and rule in a single page. Provided different options to create rules. a. Standard Rule. b. Advance Rule. c. Use Existing Rule. 2.Provided sample rules as part of the installation.
3.Provided "Contains any of" for IP address rule, which enables customer to add more IP Address in a single rule with comma separation.
4.Removed Category and Subcategory dropdowns and provided them as Grouping for better user experience.
5.Removed wizard way of rule creation and provided them in a single page.

Version 3.8 – Jun 06, 2016

This version includes two options for Geo-location. 1. MaxMind countries database. 2. Geo Plugin webservice. Including MaxMind database as part of the plugin increased the performance for countries lookup based on the IP Address and provides accurate information. 

Version 3.7 – May 09, 2016

This version includes contains and does contains for referral URL subcategory and bug fixes.

Version 3.6 – May 03, 2016

Country drop down shortcode : This shortcode is used to generate country dropdown with country flags.
Below are different option used for displaying country dropdown. [bis_country_selector] : Default usage to generate country drop down. Options : include, exclude, eng_label, see the documentation for more details. 

Version 3.5 – April 08, 2016

1.Request Parameters : Enables customers to define redirection using the request parameters.
2.Request Form data : Enables customers to define redirection using the submitted form data.
3.Response Cookies : Now customers can define redirection if cookie exists in the browser.
4.Fixed URL contains condition bug fix and other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.4 – Mar 22, 2016

 1.Referral Redirect : New subcategory “Referral URL” added, which enables customers to define rules using the source of request. The Referral URL can also from Third-Party websites. 2. Evaluation Type : "At least Once” rule evaluation feature added in Logical Rules, which is useful if the customer want to perform redirection even if the rule is satisfied at-least once. 3. Auto rules refresh : After any rule add or update, no need to clear browser cache. Updated rule is effected on browser refresh. 4.Performance Improvements : This version contains an important fixes to improve the overall performance of the plugin by evaluating all the dynamic conditions at once.

Version 3.3 – Mar 03, 2016

Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2 – Feb 24, 2016

This version mainly contains the analytics enhancements.
Now plugin supports Page View and Unique Visitor reports.No javascript, purely based on wordpress api used for analytics development. Below are the important feature covered in this release. 1.XY Line Chart.
2.Bar Chart.
3.Area Spline Chart.
4.Area Chart.
5.Pie chart.
6.Page Views, report also support for single or multiple pages reports. 7.Unique Visitors, report also support for single or multiple pages reports. 8.Added date search for Analytics.
9.Added configuration to disable the data capturing for analytics. 10.Minor Bug fixes. 

Version 3.1 – Feb 03, 2016

 1. Fixed compatibility issue with download manager plugin. 2. Fixed login debug message issue. 3. Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1 – Jan 28, 2016

 1. Fixed admin console css overriding issue and other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0 – Jan 05, 2016

 1.Redirect Rule Wizard: Now Customer can create Redirect Rules using wizard. i.e No need to create a Logical Rule before creating the Redirect Rule. 2.Bug fixes.

Version 2.0 – December 14, 2015

 1.WordPress Multisite support 2.WordPress 4.4 support. 3.Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0 – October 24, 2015

 Initial Release.

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