Christmas Magic – AA-Snow WordPress Plugin

Christmas Magic – AA-Snow WordPress Plugin

Hello guys, Here’s our newest updated plugin, on a whole new framework, having all the Christmas Spirit! Christmas Magic Snow – Wp Plugin adds a little bit of magic to your website on Christmas Holidays Seasons!
In just a few steps you can have a realistic snow effect on your wordpress website! It’s that easy!
The plugin comes bundled with 3 Christmas patterns that you can use on your website.

Main features:

  • Works as plugin on WordPress Platform
  • Works on any theme
  • You can add custom background color and background image
  • Audio feature as well , you can add custom song on the background of your website (with on/off button of course)
  • Snow settings, you can setup the snowflakes number.
  • Smooth snowing animation
  • HTML 5 / Css 3 made
  • Optimized CPU USAGE (it’s working (snowing^^) great on any computer!)
    • BONUS! Christmas song to add to your website background! The song you can hear on the background of our demo comes bundled with the plugin!

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