Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin)

Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin)

It’s a high quality, native and responsive WordPress plugin to rent a car, created by experienced Silicon Valley engineers. 100% of it’s code is written by using native WordPress functions, so it much faster and secure than other similar plugins. Also – we made it compatible with WordPress Multisite & Multi-language setup with native support for WordPress date, email & time settings. Plus – we love mobile-first designs – that’s why we used Bootstrap, Font Awesome icons, Carousel Slider, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with smooth image resizing to 4 different sizes to make sure that your cars would look great on all mobile devices, tablets and pages with many WordPress free & Premium designs – like Rentify, BeTheme or Avada theme. In additional, we included optional “Easy FancyBox” plugin for beautiful car images preview in full-screen. Now both – your car rental business and website can run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, from one single control panel. By offering highly-customizable reservation system, your customers will be able to see vehicle availability, and make online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks.

Our plugin works well with big databases – we created optimal BCNF database structure. Our plugin is ready for high-traffic websites – we tested it on live website with 1M customers database and 500,000 active daily views. Our plugin is scalable – it’s source code is fully object-oriented, clean & logical, compliant with strict PSR-2 coding standards, easily understandable how to extend with new features on your own. Our plugin has three security layers – data-patterns to validate all input data, ReCaptcha to protect from spam and API scanner to allow only legal requests. Plus detailed log for individual review.

  1. Detailed documentation
  2. F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)
  3. Partners for custom work
  4. Live plugin demo
  5. Backend demo
  6. Video tutorials
  7. Creating PayPal sandbox test account
  • English (official)
  • Russian (official)
  • Lithuanian (official)
  • Arabian RLT (raw translation)
  • Italian (translated by NetHome, LTD)
  • Romanian (translated by Marius Stoica)
  • Spanish (translated by Ana Victoria Rodríguez Guerrero)
  • Swedish (translated by Kristian Salov)
  • 100% Native WordPress code
  • Unlimited cars, features, options & extras
  • Responsive / Mobile layout
  • Multisite & multi language support
  • Seasonal & regular prices
  • Price per day / hour / both
  • Car & extra blocking by date range
  • PayPal & manual payment methods
  • Confirmation email with invoice
  • Multiple pick-up & drop-off locations
  • Location working hours by weekday
  • Fancy car slider & price table
  • Item & extras availability calendar
  • Single or multiple cars booking
  • Developer friendly code
  • Bootstrap support
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Smooth update process
  • “Import demo” feature
  • Smart cars & extras manager
  • Different pick-up, drop-off locations
  • After hours pick-up, drop-off, fees
  • On/off switcher for VAT (off = 0%)
  • VAT display mode option for front-end to show prices with VAT or without
  • Set search fields visibility & requirement status
  • Set customer fields visibility & requirement status
  • Ability to edit existing reservation (chosen cars, time, location, extras, class, transmission, fuel)
  • Ready for big databases – optimal BCNF database structure for tables, keys & indexes
  • 100% ready for high-traffic websites – tested with 1M car rental customers databases with 500,000 active daily views website
  • Scalable & easy to extend on your own – clean object-oriented code, compliant with strict PSR-2 coding standards
  • Secure – 3 security layers to validate all input data, filter illegal API requests and protect from spam with ReCaptcha
  • Detailed log – for individual review of each API request
  • Conversion tracking – each reservation step is in different template to support Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixel
  • Customizable emails with live preview – set different subject and body for reservation acknowledgement, confirmation and cancellation emails
  • Email tracking – each email content is customizable and supports Google Analytics tracking pixel and MailChimp’s UNIQID
  • Easy to use short-codes
  • “Crimson Red” & “Steel Blue” plugin CSS styles
  • Each car & extra has ability to have selectable options in drop-down or slider
  • Ability to set grace period & reservation timeout
  • Individual discount, deposit & prepaid plans for each car & extra
  • LTR & RTL support for text & images
  • 5 integrated languages with simple ability to add more languages
  • Real time availability
  • Assign unlimited cars, car features, & car manufacturers
  • Assign unlimited car body, transmission & fuel types
  • Upload up to 3 different images for each car
  • Set individual or global prepaid & deposit percent based on reservation duration
  • Set individual or global discount percent based on reservation duration or reservation in advance
  • Add regular or seasonal prices by date-range for any car
  • Add unlimited extras with daily, hourly or per reservation price. Example: GPS navigation
  • Mark reservations as paid, refunded or cancelled
  • Ability to delete & edit reservation & customers
  • Search for reservations by date & customer
  • Review active & archived reservation in list, calendar or by customer
  • Ability to print invoice from reservation list
  • Native support for WordPress site date & time formats & time zone settings
  • Any currency & taxes, VAT & fees support
  • After successful reservation customer & site owner will get an email notification with invoice included
  • Confirmation and cancellation emails, editable in admin panel.
  • Send notification emails to admin after client cancels the reservation or PayPal reverses or refunds the reservation
  • Ajax-based front-end customer data loader
  • Three type of price calculation – daily, hourly or combined (daily & hourly)
  • You can define min, max & total units in stock/per reservation for each car & extra
  • Book single or multiple cars per reservation
  • Block cars for chosen date & time ranges by location
  • Block extras for chosen date & time ranges
  • Set car block interval between two reservations
  • Pick-up & drop-off from multiple locations
  • Set close dates, when reservation system is not available
  • Set different working hours for each day of week for every location
  • Tutorial & ability to quickly create more plugin styles

Planned features for 5.0 version:

  • WooCommerce integration (on/off)
  • BuddyPress & User Role Editor support for “Service host” providers, to allow 3rd party companies add their cars, monitor the orders & have a public profile on website (on/off)
  • More features, requested from plugin buyers!

Version 4.3:

  • Current release (January 29th, 2016)
  • New (core): A fresh availability calculation algorithm (3rd one) which is finally able to handle all intersecting and non-intersecting reservations, even if there is more than 1 intersection/non-intersection in reservation period and allows to reuse all cars and extras only when they are really available.
  • Improved: Page loading speed boosted up to 3 times.
  • UX improved: reservation edit UX improved.
  • We added Swedish translation (thanks to Kristian Salov)
  • Fixed: Bug with availability calculation, when we have more than 1 non-intersecting/intersecting item/extra reserved in a row of current reservation period.
  • Fixed: Bug with reservation code in editing mode.
  • Fixed (admin): Warning in Admin Reservations Search, when the customer is deleted.

Version 4.2:

  • Released on January 22nd, 2016
  • Design: Fresh new plugin search form design with new style, images and backgrounds.
  • Design: We improved CSS for single car page, it’s responsiveness, and in admin customer listing.
  • New: PayPal “Confirmation” and “Cancelation” page settings after payment or when payment is cancelled.
  • New: If Prepayment is not 100%, now system shows the “Balance owed” in the invoice and in the last car reservation step.
  • New: In Cars and extras calendar availability are now counted for half-day as well (displayed as a smaller grey number bellow regular full-day availability number).
  • New (core): A fresh availability calculation algorithm which is able to handle non-intersecting reservations and allow to reuse all cars and extras when really possible.
  • New (admin): Discount, Deposit and Prepayment lists are now properly searchable.
  • New (admin): Reservation manager now much more detailed, plus it displays reserved cars bellow the reservation code and customer’s full name.
  • New (admin): Noon time settings cars/extras availability calendar. Default is 12:00:00.
  • New (admin): We added time exclusion feature for time dropdowns method used in HTML templates.
  • Improved: For anti-spam reasons PayPal address are now hidden from displaying in last car reservation step and changed to “Secure Instant Payment”.
  • Improved: In car slider cars now ordered by price from cheapest, not name.
  • Improved: In car list, single car page and car slider now system takes cheapest day price between today and 6 more days, not only today’s price.
  • Improved: In price table now system displays FROM-TO prices if there is different prices for different days of the week.
  • Improved: In classified car list, categories now are ordered by name, not by category id.
  • Improved: We now allow to search for cars even if no locations are added, if location is not set as mandatory.
  • Improved: We do not allow anymore total or invidual discounts and prepayments to be over 100% if it combines booking in advance and duration discounts. We now round it to 100%.
  • UX improved: When the location is closed or it’s too soon to book, it does not only shows earliest time when system allows booking, and not only today’s working hours, but we also added a full list of working hours for each day of week and a sentence after: “or the first time after it, when selected pickup location is open.”.
  • UX improved: Date-picker now supports travelling to earlier time zone (with maximum difference of minus 12 hours) to allow book car same day in earlier time zone, when customers PC/Laptop is in later time zone than company location, if min. booking period until pickup is within 24 hours from current time.
  • UX improved: We do not show location dropdown icon with its background in single car reservation and in global search page, when only 1 location is assigned to car or there is only 1 location added in the system.
  • UX improved: Removed “Impossible after-hours pick-up/drop-off” excessive information block in reservation steps when we have a location open less than 24 hrs.
  • Languages: We improved language text files for all translations.
  • Fixes: We fixed all reported bugs since 4.1 release (for full list please see comments section).

Version 4.1:

  • Released on October 25th, 2015
  • New: PayPal payments now are working via API and automatically marks reservations as confirmed after payment is received, plus sends confirmation emails for both – customer and notification email for site administration.
  • New (3rd security layer): we added log feature for admins to track and review all API requests.
  • New (3rd security layer): We added Google reCAPTCHA support in reservation summary to protect from spam.
  • New (3rd security layer): we added 3 new admin settings for reCAPTCHA management – Enable/Disable, Site Key and Secret Key.
  • New (3rd security layer): we added API scanner to allow only legal requests and limit API requests per hour/per IP/per email/per failure for customer details.
  • New (3rd security layer): we added requirement to enter year of birth field to lookup customer details if this birthdate field is mandatory.
  • New (admin): added extra prices overview tab in extras manager.
  • New (admin): we created email preview function in email settings.
  • New (admin): we added images, tracking pixel, BB codes, [INVOICE] and [BOOKING_CODE] codes support in emails.
  • New (admin): we now display “cancelled” status when reservation is cancelled.
  • New (admin): we added “Mark as paid” feature in reservation manager.
  • We redesigned use of session_start() for more correct way of sessions usage.
  • We simplified language codes and moved “Date Picker” language files to extension languages subfolder (“/extensions/car/languages/datepicker/”).
  • We excluded deposits from “Total Pay Now”, splitted prepayments and deposits to two different database fields and merged “Total Prepayment” and “Total Pay Now” fields.
  • We redesigned emails system – we separated emails to regular and admin notifications and added 3rd – confirmation email. Now it has 6 fully manageable emails (subject and all body), 3 for customer and 3 notification emails for site administrator – each are sent after reservation was received, confirmed or cancelled. Notification emails won’t be send for admin if he will cancel or confirm reservation via admin panel.
  • We redesigned PayPal payment process and system – we added support for Sandbox mode with admin ON/OFF setting, and API calls to automatically mark paid payments. Due to reasons that PayPal servers might be down sometimes, plugin sends another – reservation received – email before the payment is received. And after payment is received – plugin sends final reservation confirmation email.
  • For easier track of PayPal refunds, for edited and saved PayPal reservations we implemented the instant cancellation of old reservation and issue of new reservation code.
  • CRS Update/Upgrade process now splitted to “Major” upgrades and “Minor” updates.
  • For Minor updates we removed requirement of “updated” status, it is used only on major upgrades.
  • We added Romanian translation (thanks to Marius Stoica)
  • We added Spanish translation (thanks to Ana Victoria Rodriguez Guerrero)
  • We added new 4.1 text for Italian translation (thanks to NetHome, LTD)
  • We improved language text files for all translations.
  • We did great improvements for 19 of plugin features (see comments for exact list).
  • We did visual/design updates for 9 plugin features (see comments for exact list).
  • Plus – we fixed all reported & discovered bugs since 4.0 release (see comments for exact list).

Version 4.0:

  • Released on September 10th, 2015
  • Discounts for booking in advance for X to Z period. Plus an ability to set them differently for each car
  • Different discounts for booking duration of each car
  • Ability to restrict selection of more than one car in booking (on/off)
  • Added a new CRS admin setting for booking units (asked by Santukon & Oleg):
    Q: How many different cars can be booked on same booking?

    • Single car (asked by Oleg, Santukon)
    • Multiple cars
  • An ability to setup default regular / seasonal price plan for all cars (on/off) in additional to current individual car price regular / seasonal plans for each different car. (asked by Oleg)
  • An ability to set different discount plans for each car. (asked by Oleg)
  • An ability to set different prepaid/deposit plans & amounts for each car. (asked by Oleg)
  • We added a 2nd page – “Booking in advance” for discounts manager, so that administrators can add car & extra discounts for booking 5 days before pick-up date etc. (asked by Wicked503)
  • An ability to apply different discounts for individual cars & extras. (asked by Oleg)
  • An ability to set maximum amount per booking of single car. Also it will be limited to not more than total car units in garage. (asked by Santukon)
  • An ability to set hourly & daily prices for each extra unit. (asked by mrjwebsolutions)
  • A feature that extra item could be charged either A – per time, B – per booking. (asked by mrjwebsolutions)
  • And also I’m even going to add a quantity 0-5 for car extra units (or any other number set in extra’s max quantity field), so that site owner wouldn’t need to add “Extra Chair 1”, “Extra Chair 2” etc. items, and people just can select amount of extra’s they need. (asked by Santukon)
  • Some extras could be with refundable deposit only (w/out vat). In booking summary system now displays extra‘s deposit as $0,00 or price. (Asked by filipos)
  • (Optional) selectable options list for each Car item. (asked by Santukon)
  • (Optional) selectable options list for each Extra item. (asked by Santukon)
  • Ability to show/hide search fields:
    • Pickup location (asked by menopoi, germar74, dmathers & Santukon)
    • Drop-off location (asked by menopoi, germar74, dmathers & Santukon)
    • Previous booking number (asked by Oleg)
    • Car body type
    • Car transmission type (asked by mohang2000)
    • Car fuel type
    • Pick-up
    • Drop-off date
  • Car’s availability calendar page for this and next month for users – new [car_rental_system display=”calendar”]. (asked by dubyajay)
  • An ability to set different location working hours for different day of week. (asked be mjrwebsolutions & Santukon)
  • For each location for each day of week a closed checkbox. (bellow the date selector) (asked by Santukon)
  • Customer birthdate data field. (asked by Oleg)
  • Allow customers to fill additional comments fields when booking. (asked by Oleg)
  • Admin: Allow to add & delete customers and all related bookings to them. (asked by Oleg)
  • An ability to search by Fuel (asked by mohang2000)
  • Ability to show/hide “Fuel” search field (asked by mohang2000)
  • Option (Yes/No): Classify cars in Front-End. Default – Yes. (asked by Oleg)
  • Settings – select which search fields to show. (asked by Oleg, Santukon)
  • Settings – select which customer details fields to show, select which fields are mandatory, which are optional. (asked by Oleg)
  • In CRS Admin show Car ID & Extra ID next to car model+name, and extra name, to allow add multiple price plans/discounts/deposits for same car model, but in different location. (asked by NelsonQF)
  • ‘Checkboxes of car visibility: ‘show in car slider’ (existed), ‘show in car list’ (new!), ‘show in price table’ (new!), ‘show in availability calendar’ (new!), ‘allowed to book’ (existed). (asked by NelsonQF)
  • Make it so there is more than one picture for each vehicle. 3 pictures are shown below the main picture, with nice jQuery switch effect. (asked by fitzgrant)
  • Also to have a switch to change “Dropoff date” to “Booking duration” option with new admin page to set booking durations (days, hours and fractional hour parts for minutes ) and checking in the front-end if booking duration matches it (if at least one booking duration was added, and the booking durations listing mode is EXACT, otherwise – show an error, that “Selected booking duration is out of possible bookings range”) For booking durations page, dropdown selector – List booking durations as: 1) Flexible – drop-off date selector, 2) Exact – booking durations list. Finally made it based on price calculation type. If type is hourly, show „Reservation period“, otherwise – show duration. (asked by Santukon)
  • Ability to turn-off payment methods use, and just complete the order, if there were no payment methods enabled. (asked by Oleg)
  • Add a 2nd field for payment methods – Field “Payment description” (show bellow the payment method). (asked by Santukon)
  • For payment methods add 3rd optional payment method – “Manual Bank Transfer” (on/off). (asked by Santukon)
  • For payment methods add 4th optional payment method – “Payment over the Phone” (on/off). (asked by Santukon)
  • New button in invoice list – mark as paid / unmark as paid (if the type is manual bank transfer or pay on arrival). Booking paid / refunded / cancelled times. (asked by Santukon)
  • Allow to enter additional comments & change customer’s e-mail address when editing user. (asked by Santukon)
  • Hover text for price table with price details.
  • Import demo content (plugin-only)
  • Big Data ready – Optimal BCNF Database Tables, Keys & Indexes Structure
  • 100% Heavy Traffic website ready system (tested with 1M car rental customers databases with 500,000 active daily views website)
  • Highly improved security for Booking Code – now it’s not possible to guess, and includes both – chars and number.
  • Send notification emails to admin after client cancels the booking or PayPal reverses or refunds the booking.

Version 3.2:

  • Released on July 8th, 2015
  • Fixed: minor bug in Ajax loader for price plan setting.
  • Fixed: minor bug for closed day setting.

Version 3.1:

  • Released on June 22nd, 2015
  • After security experts review, we made Security Layer 2 (exact content validation patterns) for all input data (POST, GET, REQUEST), in addition to existing Security Layer 1 (global all input & output validation).
  • We fixed all issues, error notices & warnings, which our customers reported in June 12-22 period.
  • We deeply tested plugin against OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) security risk patterns & minimized attack surface to minimal.

Version 3.0:

  • Released on June 12th, 2015

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Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin)