BananaSlider WP Video Slider with accordion effect

BananaSlider WP Video Slider with accordion effect

Meet Banana Slider WP
example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | example 4 Banana Slider – is a fast accordion slider with HTML5 video support for your site based on WordPress! It fast, because it use the popular TweenMax library from GSAP – it’s up to 20 times faster than jQuery under heavy stress.

Banana Slider Wp features

  • Written from zero on pure JavaScript
  • Support any background image or color
  • Support any image as item’s icon
  • Crazy fast because of GSAP
  • HTML5 video support (*.mp4, *.ogv, *.webm files)
  • Any number of items
  • Skew angle correction
  • Circular or triange-shaped buttons
  • Easy installation

Banana Slider WP includes

BananaSlider uncludes HTML, CSS, JPG and JavaScript files. Note: video files that used in the preview DEMO are NOT included in the download.

Update History

Version 1.4 – July 2, 2016

 - Browsers compatibility improved

Version 1.3 – January 21, 2016

 + Added "auto-fit" width function

Version 1.2 – December 10, 2015

 + Added touch support - fixed Safari labels problem

Version 1.1 – December 4, 2015

 + Added border width between slides + Added label's properties (color and position) + Added skew labels + Added round labels

Version 1.0 – November 20, 2015

* Initial release

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BananaSlider WP Video Slider with accordion effect BananaSlider JS Video Slider with accordion effect