ValidShapes CAPTCHA

ValidShapes CAPTCHA

ValidShapes is responsive-friendly
ValidShapes fully support responsive design and resizes live on screen orientation change or on window resize if needed.
ValidShapes is touch friendly
On touch devices, ValidShapes can be used and the CAPTCHA solved with only one finger !
Your customers using mobile devices will be grateful to not use their keyboard on your forms.
ValidShapes is web-designer friendly
It is possible to customize each CAPTCHA

  • The width and height can be changed to fit exactly one of your forms.
  • The validation accuracy allows you to manage the difficulty for your users.
  • Also the colors can be changed and some color themes are predefined.

We’ve got great plugins for the most used CMS in the world and we plan to add more !

ValidShapes is developper friendly
As a developper, you are free to use ValidShapes. Just register on our website in order to get a public and private key for our API.
You can manage all your domains in the My Account section.
You are provided with a full documentation and can freely implement ValidShapes on your own website (Some samples)
If you are using ASP.NET solution, we provide you a free module on Nuget website.
ValidShapes team is your best friend
In any case, if you have any questions you can directly contact us via this page or via our forum. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.
Have fun with ValidShapes and feel free to give us your feedback on our CAPTCHA.

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ValidShapes CAPTCHA ValidShapes CAPTCHA