TinyMCE 4 plugin Flickr image search and place

TinyMCE 4 plugin Flickr image search and place

TinyMCE 4 plugin Flickr image search and place A drag and drop plugin for the new tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor. ( Build with Bootstrap version 3 build 2 ) Search for flickr images, see a preview and insert into the tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor You can select some params like title (alt tag), size, align right or left or open larger image with a lightbox A great way for editors to quickly insert images into content pages. Only thing you need is a developer key from Flickr (yahoo) and read all about the licenses. NOT all images can be used for free on (commercial) websites

Key Features:

  • Great modern look and feel
  • Add images to spice up your content
  • Drag and drop in the plugin directory


tinyMCE 4


Changed API call to https ( http://code.flickr.net/2014/04/30/flickr-api-going-ssl-only-on-june-27th-2014/ ) (may 05 2014)
js fix align right left (oct 19 2013)
Auto set title tag if exists and no results message (oct 6 2013)
1.1 Fixed paging username, added all licenses username, improved js and updated css background (sep 29 2013)
Added insert/close and insert button (sep 28 2013)
1.0 (sep 26 2013)

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This is not a WP plugin but a plugin for the new WYSIWYG editor tinyMCE 4 version.

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