Product Feedback

Product Feedback

Customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. knowing this fact, can you afford to miss the opportunity to generate and showcase rich review content? Product Feedback extension is designed to encourage customers to submit their reviews and make it extremely easy to do so
Product Feedback extension is the most effective technical change to your web-store to motivate customers to buy more products. Customers generally want to get the reviews of the product from the customers who previously bought the product, why don’t you give them a chance to interact with each other right in your website? Getting feedback from the customers themselves using product Feedback extension is the best way to reach a beneficial trade between you and your customers.

  • Allow customers to ask for feedback from the listed users.
  • Allow Admin to check the quality of message content and then approve or Disapprove the message.
  • Allow customers to view all their interactions with other customers.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.

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