Prestashop Product ZOOM

Prestashop Product ZOOM


This module best using two images, one low resolution for the visible image, and one high resolution for the zoomed image. If you only have one image available, this module will still work if you scale down the image, larger images. Configuration options for the zoom. This module provides a field formatter to zoom an image while hovering over it. An image style is selected for the default display image, and an additional style is selected to be used as the zoomed image. When a user hovers over the displayed image, the zoomed image appears and is positioned relative to the current mouse position.


  • Display zoom product page.
  • Possible Values: Lens, Window, Inner.
  • The default cursor is usually the arrow, if using a lightbox, then set the cursor to pointer so it looks clickable – Options are default, cursor, crosshair.
  • Can also be round (note that only modern browsers support round, will default to square in older browsers).
  • Used when zoom type set to lens, when zoom type is set to window, then the lens size is auto calculated.
  • Opacity of the tint.
  • Set to true to activate zoom on mouse scroll.
  • Set as a number e.g 200 for speed of Lens fadeIn.
  • Set as a number e.g 200 for speed of Lens fadeOut.
  • Responsive display.
  • Prestashop: set the large image with this parameter.
  • Quick integration.
  • HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power.
  • CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean.
  • Fully responsive 100%.
  • Multi-language ready.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • Full documentation.
  • 24/7 Technical Suppor

Module’s live demo

View “Prestashop Product ZOOM” demo on your mobile device

Configuration – Prestashop Product ZOOM

Example Product Zoom Window.

Example Product Zoom Lens.

Example Product Zoom Inner.


This plugin is supported. All you need to do is contact the developer through the Webtet e-mail or Webtet profile page.


Release module’s v.0.1:    18/09/2014

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