GMap Location! – Joomla Google Maps Module

GMap Location! – Joomla Google Maps Module

GMap Location! is an Joomla 3.x module that allows you to easily add google maps to your website. It comes with easy to use interface and with advanced settings to help you easily customize your map apearence and controls, add unlimited number of locations and markers, add map navigatation with dark and light style.
Set up and display google map on your joomla website in minutes!!!
If Live Preview link doesn’t works, try this instead GMap Location Demo


  • Unlimited number of markes and locations
  • Custom light and dark map colors
  • Predefined map color styles
  • Map controls settings
  • Custom marker image
  • Map navigation with position and style options
  • Responsive


v 2.1
* Fixed special chars in title. Now you can use eastern europian, cyrilic or any other characther for location title.
* Fixed/Improved navigation scroll on mobile.
===================================================== Note: Gmap Location! v2 is not copatibile with preview version, plaese make a backup first before upgrade, your locations info will be lost!

  • Removed info window image
  • Removed info fields, now using single text area field. You can use ”//” for new lines.
  • Added simple ordering.
  • Admin changes.
  • Fixed map + navigation layout, now you can use custom navigation width (eg: 200px, 268px or 50%, 33%, 73%… any of that)
  • Redesigned Navigation + more navigation style options
  • Navigation SlimScroll
  • Awesome Responsive Features

Fixed default location bug v1.1.3
Fixed special characthers in location title bug. v1.1.2
Fixed info window size. v1.1.1
Fixed navigation size and margins, now it fits perfect on all screen sizes. v1.1
Fixed – “Default location not changing”.

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