EQ Full social

EQ Full social

FULL SOCIAL is a component that links your Joomla website to Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and other social networks. Integrate it into your site, and you will see the interactions between visitors , your Joomla site, Facebook and other social networks increase. You could also increase your presence on social networks, while naturally increasing your site traffic so your notoriety will go better.
EQ FULL SOCIAL simplifies the access of your visitors, through their social identification. They can “share, love, recommend …” your content on all social networks. With Facebook, Twitter, and feedback from your users, this JOOMLA application will ensure you a prominent place on the Net. EQ FULL SOCIAL is also the way to attract visitors seeking professional opportunity: due to LinkedIn’s modules you can publish in one click job offers, professional or member’s profiles.
The main features:

  • Compatible on the Joomla 3.x versions
  • Functionalities could be activated or desactivated
  • Simplified authentication
  • Display social buttons
  • LinkedIn widgets (need company LinkedIn Id)
  • Facebook widgets (need the administrator Id)
  • Available configuration documentation

See all documentations here: the english documentation or the french documentation.

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