Custom Page Redirect Widget for Adobe Muse

Custom Page Redirect Widget for Adobe Muse

Your site content is bound to change over time. If your visitors have bookmarked pages, or are referencing old links on other sites, or in printed material, you could be losing valuable customers.
The Custom Page Redirect widget for Adobe Muse lets you automatically steer visitors to the correct location. The widget can be used in passive mode, where you just set the url and delay time, or with a preset message and countdown timer displayed on the page. The message text can be set to any typeface and link style.
Key features:

  • Configurable timer
  • Optional message preset with countdown

Quick start guide
Widget installation:
Download and unarchive the widget zip file.
Double-click the Custom Page Redirect Widget.mulib file to import it into Muse. Alternatively, you can use the Import button in the Library panel within Muse and browse to the file on your hard drive.
Using the widget:
Go to the Library Panel in Muse.
Open the Custom Page Redirect Widget folder.
Click and drag the Custom Page Redirect widget onto the design canvas.
Enter the page url to redirect to
Set the delay time
Optional: Click to enable the message preset and countdown timer
Full instructions for installing and using the widget can be found here:

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