Chrome Toolbox – Chrome Extension

Chrome Toolbox – Chrome Extension


Chrome Toolbox is a chrome extension, with it you can:
1. Take screenshot of current page, you can take a selected region screenshot, page’s visible area screenshot or whole scrolled page.
2. Quick searching your bookmarks at long bookmark list.
3. Quick searching browser history.
4. Fast skip to your favorite links, extensions page / clear your cache / app store etc.
5. View QR Code of current page.


You will spend only 5 minutes max to completely setup the extension:
1. Open chrome://extensions/ in chrome tab.
2. Drag and drop the file ChromeToolbox.crx on it.
3. Click ‘Add extension’ button.


1. Take page screenshots 2. Select screenshot region 3. Edit screenshot 4. Bookmarks quick searching 5. QRCode of current page 6. History searching 7. Favorite shortcuts 8. Source code

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Chrome Toolbox - Chrome Extension