This module prevents your visitors from getting random loadtimes when CRON is ready to run.
By default in drupal cron works like this:
Visitors come to your webpage, drupal checks if it’s time to run cron…
If so, that visit triggers the cronrun and the page won’t load until cron is finished.
This is giving your visitors long pageloads at random depending on how often you set cron to run.
This module works the same way except when it’s time to run cron it starts asynchronous using sockets, meaning the visit only triggers the server to run cron but the visitor never actually waits for it to finish.


  1. Place module in your sites modules folder (sites/all/modules/ etc)
  2. Enable module
  3. Setup module as you prefer (/admin/config/system/async_cronrun)
  4. Disable your default scheduled cron run (/admin/config/system/cron)

This module works with default drupal caching, not varnish etc.
This module built and tested for Drupal 7.

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