Youtube Analytics Multi Channel

Youtube Analytics Multi Channel

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Do you have trouble signing in to your channel more statistics, Youtube Multi Channel Analytics will help you solve this problem, and will help you get better overview of your channel through the chart to help you promptly own strategies to improve and develop a better way channel. Here is a list from the chart:


The number of times that videos was viewed. In a playlist report, the metric indicates the number of times that videos was viewed in the context of a playlist


The number of unique viewers that watched a video. This calculation is based on the number of unique cookies and, therefore, will overcount users who are using multiple devices or browsers

Estimated minutes watched

The number of minutes that users watched videos

Average view duration

The average length, in seconds, of video playbacks

Subscribers && unsubscribers

The number of times that users subscribed or unsubscribed to a channel

Likes and dislikes

The number of times that users indicated that they liked disliked videos by giving it a positive rating or disliked a video by giving it a negative rating

Videos add to playlists

The number of times that videos were added to any and removed from any YouTube playlists


The number of times that users commented on videos


The number of times that users shared on videos


The statistics views by country


The statistics gender on channel

Age group

The statistics age group on channel

Annotation impressions

The total number of annotation impressions

Annotation clicks and closes impressions

The number of annotations that appeared and could be clicked or closed

Annotation clicks and closes

The number of clicked and closed annotations

Annotation click through and close rate

The ratio of annotations that viewers clicked or closed to the total number of clickable annotation impressions

Device type

This statistics aggregates viewing statistics based on the manner in which viewers reached your playlist content

Operating system

The statistics aggregates viewing statistics based on viewers’ operating systems

Manage User

Support Multi User

Version 2.1 -FIXED: + Fixed error demo version. - CHANGED: + Add new module register user Version 2.0 -FIXED: + Fixed error delete user and category. + Fixed error select day.
- CHANGED: + Add new module settings Version 1.0 Fist version

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