WebSocket Live Chat (Instant Messaging)

WebSocket Live Chat (Instant Messaging)

Instant Messaging
WebSocket Live Chat is an instant messaging script that you can create groups and send personal messages. It is suitable for both social messaging and live support systems. It is written in PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript and designed with CSS. This script uses WebSocket Connection, which provides the instant messaging, between the client and the server.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Notifications with Sound & Desktop Notifications
  • Group Conversations & Personal Messages
  • Change Group Name
  • Invite / Kick Users
  • Update Group / Profile Photo
  • Online User List
  • File Sharing System (Photo, Video, File, Audio)
  • Text-to-Speech API
  • Emoticons
  • Registration / Login System
  • Guest Login
  • Responsive & Material Design
  • Mobile Support
  • Easy Configuration with Config File
  • Easy Installation


  • PHP 5.5+ (with CURL Support)
  • MySQL 5.x
  • A Server with SSH Access

Known Bugs

  • Doesn’t work on WordPress (Required files must be included in WordPress, not in the script.)
  • Doesn’t work on HTTPS and WSS


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WebSocket Live Chat (Instant Messaging)