STSBuilder –  Website Builder Service

STSBuilder – Website Builder Service

A Drag and Drop, Multi-user Website Builder Script, which allow you start your bussiness with a profressionial website builder service.
It allow your users to easily create a responsive website in a few clicks. The created sites are fully customizable through a Drag and Drop, realtime editing interface.
Make sure you buy the appropriate license. The regular license is for personal use and to charge one client, the extended license allows you to charge multiple clients.
Some of features:

  • Drag and Drop interface.
  • Multi themes and templates.
  • 30+ Modules.
  • Social Modules: Facebook Comment, Facebook Like,Social Icon….
  • Bootstrap Responsive layout.
  • Switching Color Scheme in a few clicks.
  • Changing background.
  • Subdomain.
  • Add multi domain.
  • Micro Blogging System.
  • Charging user through Premium Plans.
  • Automatic Payment through Paypal.
  • User Registration verification through Email.
  • Cpanel Shared hosting support.
  • and much more

Admin demo account: / 123456789
Test demo account: / 123456789
Paypal account: / 12345678

  • Server type: VPS, Dedicated, Shared Hosting with cPanel, support multi subdomain and multi domain..
  • PHP 5.1.0 or higher.
  • MySQL
  • Wilcard Subdomain Enabled.
  • SMTP Mail Account.

Change log

2016 May 25 – Version 2.0

Add 10+ predefined row templates
Add 10+ modules: Price Table, Mailchimp, Stat Counter, CTA box...
Add an option to create full width zone
Improve performance on drag drop system.
Fix some bugs: creating folder, Share button issue .

2015 November 10 – Version 1.6

Add import/export template..
Add a icon before hidden page.
Add a clone button for module.
Allow using script tag in the html module.
Add a code injection for child site page.

2015 October 30 – Version 1.5

Show the add module button when hover an element..
Improve the drag&drop system on slick module.
Add pagination to Profile page.
Allow admin to delete customer sites directly on Site page.

2015 October 27 – Version 1.4

Add analytic page to child site.
Improve the clone element feature..

2015 October 21 – Version 1.3

Improve the login system, users doesn't need to re-login when switch from main site to child site.
Fix database to fully support unicode charset..
Fix some bugs.

2015 October 16 – Version 1.2

Enhance the Admin page, add some statistical charts.
Change the Profile page layout.
Improve the CSS Code Editor.
Fix some bugs.

2015 October 14 – Version 1.1

Fix bugs on commenting and uploading system
Allow using solid color and custom image in background design .
Add space to all template blog page..

2015 October 13 – Version 1.0

Initial Release

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STSBuilder -  Website Builder Service