office/employee/task management script in laravel 5.0

office/employee/task management script in laravel 5.0

Check out the Most Advance Office/Employee/Work management tool

This system makes it easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. It makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location. This system helps in supervising employees work report and productivity. Our employee management system includes a task assigning to specific employee.These all features help at the time of employee appraisals.
Key Features for Admin/Super admin

  • One click installer
  • Manage employees personal details
  • Manage Active employees
  • Block employees
  • Track employees time and work flow
  • Manage employee task/work
  • Manage employee task/work status
  • Check employees performance [Daily|Monthly]
  • Admin access rights
  • Better Communication via internal messaging system
  • User can edit and view employee details
  • Error reporting with images
  • Attendance management
  • Check & Track every login details
  • Multilevel Admin management
  • And much more…

Key Features for employee

  • Eagle view for employee
  • Change task status
  • Edit profile
  • Access shared files
  • Communication with their co-workers
  • Can see pending,completed,in progress work
  • And much more…


take a look into DEMO account for more features</


Super Admin Link
username :- password :- admin


Admin Link
username :- emp1
password :- emp1@123


User Login Link
username :- emp2
password :- emp2@123

Work Allocation Track employee Attendance easily Send messages with pictures for better error handling Admin can give access rights Employee Dashboard Instant doc sharing with team New employee profile set up Assign employee tasks Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Fully scalable
  • Tracks up to date work status
  • Reduces TCO and increases ROI
  • Ability to add employees, easily and flexibly
  • Reduces HR daily work, increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and a significant cost savings
  • Eliminate paper work. Go green

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