my Manga Reader CMS

my Manga Reader CMS

Have You always wanted to have your “manga reader” like mangapanda and mangafox, this CMS is the easiest, fastest and intuitive way to create yours.
You can easily set up this CMS just by following several steps provided on the Instruction page, and start creating your Manga chapters.

  • Easy setup(about 30 seconds, input then done, no hand-setup need).
  • User Management System (Add contributors)
  • Manage Ads / Ads placement (see screenshots 12 & 13)
  • Notification of updated bookmarked Manga
  • Adding Articles
  • Crawler/scrapper engine: automatically create chapters with images by downloading them from other Manga websites. (Sources for English, Spanish, Vietnam, Indonisian & French)
  • Download all chapters at once click by entering the url of the Manga page for english sources
  • Add chapters pointing to external sources
  • Option to download chapters as ZIP from Manga Info Page for visitors
  • 13 Themes.
  • Voting System.
  • Comment system: Facebook & Disqus
  • Feed at
  • Report broken page
  • Contact us page
  • Responsive design. Manga page auto fit with device, comfortable for user to read on smaller devices.
  • Supporting 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Possibility to create your own language.
  • Support RTL language (like Arabic)
  • Search engines friendly (SEO optimized): auto generated meta tags, generated sitemap for Search Engin, integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.
  • And much more…

You can access to the Dashboard:

  • as “GUEST” with envato / envato
  • as “CONTRIBUTOR” with contributor / contributor


Version 1.8 - 04/05/2016: - Public user profil page + add avatar - Advanced SEO - Advanced Search - Filter by Author & Categories from Manga Info page - Add Widgets to FrontPage: Top by views, custom codes, ... - Replace broken Spanish scraper - Script optimization: Cache chapters, ... - Fix bugs Version 1.7 - 04/02/2016: - Notification of updated bookmarked Manga (Read documentation) - Adding Articles - Adding comic types & artist in Manga creation - Comment system: Facebook & Disqus - French & Indonisian scraper - Italian Language (tnx to Araragi for the trad) - Auto get info & bulk scraper for other languages - Move/Re-order pages of a chapter - More options (General & Manga Option Menu): show by volume, edit menu, pagination, Reader default mode - latest release & news page - Feed at - Report broken page - Contact us page - Script optimization: Caching & Reader (no load of all the site) - Fix bugs Version 1.6 - 14/11/2015 - Download all chapters at once click by entering the url of the Manga page for english sources (stop/resume options) - Manage Ads / Ads placement - Adding new English source scraper - Adding Vietnam Manga scraper - Download chapters as ZIP from Manga Info Page - Fix Bugs. Version 1.5 - 12/10/2015 - Bookmarking system. - Auto get Manga Info on creation process. - Improve the Reader (easily navigate between chapters). - Fix Bugs. Version 1.4 - 14/09/2015: - Changing Manga List (see list by image or text, filtring and sorting). - Manga View Counter. Version 1.3 - 11/09/2015: - Fix Bugs. Version 1.2 - 09/09/2015: - User Management System (Manage users, roles, permissions and subscription). - Bulk chapters adder. - Use external images source. - RTL language support. - Change reading mode of chapter (Page by Page / All in one Page) - Flag violent content. - Adding Arabic language. Version 1.1 - 29/08/2015: - Fix Bugs. - Supporting more languages: French and Spanish in addition to English. - Add your own language. - Random Manga button. - Search Manga. - Automatic creation of a chapter (name and images). - New source for Automatic creation for Spanish people. Version 1.0 - 20/08/2015: - Initial release.

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my Manga Reader CMS