Mobiketa – Multi-Purpose Mobile Marketing Script with Bulk SMS, Voice SMS & 2-Way Messaging Support

Mobiketa – Multi-Purpose Mobile Marketing Script with Bulk SMS, Voice SMS & 2-Way Messaging Support

Mobiketa Is a full-featured Bulk SMS and Voice SMS marketing script that gives you control over your mobile campaigns and enhances your mobile marketing business.
Mobiketa has rich features like Voice SMS support, 2-way SMS support, Dynamic SMS Routing, Message Scheduler, Campaign Management, Marketing Lists with Opt-in, Opt-out and Help Keywords, Subscriber Management, Campaign Reports and Analytics, Auto-Responders, Client Manager, HTTP API, Responsive interface and much more.
Mobiketa can easily integrate with most SMS, Voice and 2-way messaging gateway APII with a few clicks, minimizing the need for customized integration.
Mobiketa is fully Stand-alone and requires no Third-Party application to run; a must-have for every mobile marketing business and service providers.
Main Features
Responsive Interface: Responsive design, making it assessable across all device platforms and screen sized.
HTTP API Support: Can integrate with any SMS or Voice gateway provider that supports API connection through HTTP or HTTPS
Easy Gateway API Integration: Mobiketa provides you all the necessary fields to setup different kind of HTTP APIs, eliminating the need for customized integration
2-Way Messaging: Mobiketa doesn’t just let you send-out messages; it also offers you the platform to receive incoming messages and response. Great feature for SMS marketing.
Incoming SMS Gateway Setup: Easily setup you incoming SMS gateway from within your Mobiketa. It’s as simple as filing a couple of text-boxes. No coding required,   
Voice SMS Support: Supports Voice SMS campaigns. You can send bulk voice messages using recorded audio or Text-to-speech.
Message Templates: Create unlimited SMS templates and insert them in your campaign with a single click.
Campaign Scheduler: Schedule your campaign to be sent in a future time. You can set a campaign to be automatically repeated over a number of times and specify time intervals between each message (eg. Every 12 hours for 10 times)
Campaign Progress: View progress and completion status as well as success rate of your campaign, along with much other important information regarding each campaign.
Automatic Number Formatting: Mobiketa automatically formats recipients number to international standard (E-164 standard), based on selected destination country.
Dynamic Message Routing: Message routing feature allows you to set different gateways as default for sending messages to different destination countries and operators.
Analytics: Clear graphs, reports and statistics to help you track progress and enhance marketing effort.
Background Campaign Processing: Sends all messages in background. This helps in reducing message processing time and server load.
Blacklist: Make your mobile marketing system more compliant with your local regulation with the phone number blacklisting feature. Recipients can completely opt-out of receiving SMS from your system by sending specified keyword to your inbox number.
Marketing Lists: Keyword-based Marketing list management tools to enable you smoothly run your mobile campaign; send promotional messages and other campaigns. The keyword feature makes it a lot easier for your subscribers to Opt-in or Opt-Out of your marketing list, making your portal more compliant with your local SMS regulations.
List Opt-out/Opt-out Keyword: Subscribers can easily join or opt-out of a campaign or marketing list by sending a pre-defined opt-out keyword in an SMS to your short-code
Help Keywords: Assign help keywords and response to each marketing list. Subscribers can use this keyword to access auto help response for a list.
Auto-Responders: If set for a list, opt-in, opt-out and help SMS responses are automatically sent to the subscriber.
Manually Add/Remove Subscribers: Manually add, edit or remove a subscriber from a list. You can add multiple subscribers from text file.
Manage Clients: Create and manage unlimited clients. Assign campaigns and marketing lists to selected client so they can access them when they login.
Client Portal: Your clients can login to your marketing portal to view and track progress of campaigns assigned to them; view their marketing list and subscription status.
Dynamic SMS Support: Dynamically insert recipients’ phone number in your messages, offering a great way to personalize your messages.
API for Integration: Mobiketa provides remote APIs to enable you integrate your SMS marketing application with third-party systems.
Database Backup: Easy to use database backup/restore utility to make sure your data is always safe
Multiple User Support: Create unlimited users and administrators to access and manage your campaigns
Automatic Updates: Don’t worry about missing an updates as Mobiketa will always let you know when an update is available for you.
Live Demo
Username: admin
Password: 12345678
System Requirements
Just before you install Mobiketa on your server, make sure your server met the following requirements. We May Not offer support for issues relating to Server Compatibility!

  • Unix or Windows OS (cPanel-based Recommended)
  • Apache or IIS (Apache Highly Recommended)
  • PHP Version 5.0 or higher
  • Curl Support
  • PHP Cron Jobs
  • JSON Enabled
  • PHP Memory Limit: 64 MB
  • MySQL Version 4.0 or higher
  • MySQL Strict Mode disabled

Regarding Updates
Do not use fresh installation packs to perform updates as doing so may result to complications!
Kindly us the update feature within your script to check for updates and download the recommended update pack for your script. We are not responsible for issues that results in actions contrary to this instructions.
Change Log
Version 1.0 – Released on 03/0/201
– 2016-06-11: Fixed spelling errors and Issue with loging gateway responses on twilio –

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Mobiketa - Multi-Purpose Mobile Marketing Script with Bulk SMS, Voice SMS & 2-Way Messaging Support Sendroid - Bulk SMS Portal, Marketing & 2-Way Messaging Script