Meetups – Company meetups manager

Meetups – Company meetups manager



Using this product you will be able to manage your company meetups/events and your employees will easily follow up all of the company events using the smart invitation/notification system included in the Meetups.


  • Easy and faste installer.
  • Responsive and creative design.
  • ReCaptcha protection.
  • Email Notifications using Mandrillapp.
  • Full Calendar for employees events.
  • Control Meetings Privacy weather public or for specific employees only.
  • Location picker using google maps.
  • Event/Meetup agenda and sessions can be added easily.
  • Event/Meetup Search using location and name.
  • Optional tickets link.
  • Events/Meetups Questions and answers wall is available.
  • Inviting people page is also available.
  • Profile editing feature.
  • Profile pages for each user.
  • Going and Maybe counters.
  • And much more!
  • Demo login:

    =============== 05 August 2015 (V0.1) ===============
    -Updated the calender page.
    -Fixed some design issues.
    -Added attendees pictures in event's background.
    =============== 20 June 2015 (V0.1) ===============
    -Changed The home page.
    -Added Meetups Search to home page with smart filters.
    -Added the ability to add a photo for your event/Meetup.
    -Meetups categories added.
    =============== 03 June 2015 (V0.1) ===============
    - Fixed a bug in inviting users.
    =============== 30 May 2015 (V0.1) ===============
    - Improved some features.
    - Added profile pages for users.
    =============== 29 May 2015 (V0.1) =============== - Added Events search by name/location. - Improved the script installer. - Added phone number input to users registration.
    ======= Coming Soon =======
    - Social Login
    - Tickets Booking system. 


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